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Featured in the December 2020 issue of Roadracing World:

We interviewed Cal Crutchlow in his office inside the LCR Honda garage during testing at Sepang. It sounds glamorous, but it really wasn’t. The small space looked more like a font interrogation room as the sanctuary of a MotoGP star’s paddock. Paint was peeling off the walls, and aside from a rickety table and chair, the only piece of furniture was an old mangy sofa, such as one would find in dingy student accommodation.The weather was typically tropical – around 93 degrees F outside – so Crutchlow sprawled out on the couch, wearing nothing more than underpants and new tattoos.

The 2020 season was Crutchlow, 34, 10th in MotoGP. He didn’t win a MotoGP World Championship, but is the only Briton to have won a first class Grand Prix race in 40 years. Crutchlow got this far thanks to fierce determination, with a formidable ability to ignore pain and an unwillingness to admit defeat. He’s not a guy you want to fight.

“I like to suffer,” he said…

—Interview with Cal Crutchlow, by Mat Oxley

It was never boring watching Cal Crutchlow’s races, or reading what the outspoken Briton had to say about other riders, his machine or himself. Crutchlow reflects on the end of a racing career in the December issue of Roadracing World!

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