Huge dirt bike police sting: 130 people arrested, 100 bikes seized in operation in illegal street racing

The year-long police operation targeted dirt bikes and illegal street racing. Photo / provided

More than 130 people have been arrested or charged and nearly 100 vehicles and bikes seized, following a year-long police operation targeting dirt bikes and illegal street racing.

Operation Whakatika was launched by the Manukau Counties Police Department in early 2021 to investigate violations committed on the roads by illegal mountain bikers and street racers.

County Manukau District Chief Prevention Officer, Inspector Jared Pirret, today announced the results of the year-long investigation.

“We know our community is frustrated by the dangerous and often brazen antics of motorcyclists and street racers,” Pirret said.

“Often when the police are made aware at the time of these types of reports, we are not able to intervene immediately as this creates significant safety risks for those involved as well as other innocent road users. road.”

The operation resulted in the seizure of 59 dirt bikes and 39 vehicles.  Photo / Provided
The operation resulted in the seizure of 59 dirt bikes and 39 vehicles. Photo / Provided

Following 12 months of work targeting offenders, 59 dirt bikes were seized and 39 vehicles were seized.

88 people have been arrested or charged in connection with dirt bike activity, with 44 arrests or charges filed in connection with illegal street racing activity for offenses including dangerous driving and sustained loss of traction.

Another 169 offense notices were also issued for dirt bike activities and 579 offenses were issued by the unit for illegal street racing.

Nearly 2,500 vehicles were stopped and checked during the year as part of the operation.

“Although we are unable to take immediate action at this time for security reasons, we want to reassure the community that we take this breach seriously and we have a team working hard to identify and locate the offenders and confiscate their bikes or vehicles,” Pirret said.

“Our results speak for themselves, and we want this to be a message to off-road cyclists and illegal street racers who are causing trouble on our roads – we will continue to investigate those involved, seizing your vehicles and your bikes and issuing fines or prosecuting you.”

Police also recovered 25 stolen vehicles during the operation.

Three riders had their licenses suspended and 53 riders were banned from riding.

Regarding illegal street racing activities, 23 vehicles received a pink sticker and were banned from circulation as they were deemed unsafe, while 79 vehicles received a green sticker and were deemed non-compliant.

“While we are very pleased with the results to date, we continue to receive complaints about motorcyclists and street racers and will continue to investigate violations on our roads, seize vehicles and prosecute if necessary” , said Pirret.

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