How a Moto2 rider just helped Bayern Munich win another …


After clinching their ninth consecutive title this season, you don’t have to be a football “stan” to know that Bayern Munich are standing head and shoulders in the German national Bundesliga.

However, while the team at the top may have been familiar, the man who led them throughout the year was otherwise a new face in Julian Nagelsmann, who managed to pick up where his esteemed predecessor Hansi Flick was. had stopped to keep the records coming.

Indeed, succeeding such a successful manager comes under significant pressure (just ask David Moyes…) and Nagelsmann revealed what it took to manage the spotlight of expectations… and the source of inspiration comes from a surprising place.

Nagelsmann turns out to identify motorcyclists as the sportsmen who embody the required mindset of football managers, in that they need the strongest courage and mental determination to keep their cool. in high speed situations where a single mistake could lead to disaster.

As it turns out, in addition to being a motorcycle enthusiast himself, Nagelsmann is a close friend of Marcel Schrotter, the main representative of German GP races currently in Moto2. One of the most experienced riders in the intermediate class – this is his ninth season – Schrotter has won five podiums and currently ranks sixth in the overall IntactGP standings.

Speaking to AZ, Nagelsmann said he also applies the same running principle to motivate young Bayern players. Indeed, with runners often having to sponsor a team, unlike scholarship-funded football proteges, Nagelsmann cites runners like Schrotter as a prime example to focus on the players.

“[They need to] Stick to it – initially without any monetary compensation. The way to the top is very, very long. This unconditional desire to join the elite circle is lacking in many young footballers, some of whom give up too early.

Nagelsmann goes on to talk about his relationship with Schrotter, adding that they can’t go on outings together because Schrotter – like a surprising number of his contemporaries – doesn’t have a driver’s license, the 28-year-old jokes. to follow his Ducati while Schrotter is satisfied with a scooter.

Now if only football players acted like runners by not falling hysterically to the ground at the slightest hint of a strong breeze, then I might even be tempted to watch a game …


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