Honda World Cup | July 21, 2022 “Honda hosts world premiere of all-new Civic Type R”

Based on the Civic Hatchback, which has been well received in the market, the low and wide packages have been continued to improve the driving performance of the Type R model. In addition, a forward field of vision with a wide road view was introduced with the aim of providing information directly to the driver, even while driving at high speed.

The exterior design team worked hard to create a style that was both fast and aesthetically pleasing. Wide, body-integrated fenders are designed to flow beautifully from the side panels and improve aerodynamic performance by controlling airflow that continues uninterrupted from front to rear.

As for exterior color options, in addition to Championship White, which was an iconic Type R color, Sonic Gray Pearl was recently added to the lineup.

The interior design includes red seats and floor mats that lift occupants’ spirits as soon as they open the door, and black-toned “silent” interior panels that allow the driver to concentrate on driving.

The front seats are designed with a three-dimensional polyhedral shape to firmly support the body so that the driver and front passenger can feel confident even when driving on a racing circuit at the vehicle’s full potential. Additionally, the adoption of a suede-like seat surface material with a high coefficient of friction reduces body slippage in high-G situations such as cornering and sudden acceleration/deceleration.

As for the meter design, in addition to the standard display, +R mode exclusive designs have been adopted. To enable the driver to instantly recognize the information needed during sporty driving, including on the circuit, the upper part of the meter displays key information such as engine speed, engine speed indicator and gear indicator. , while the lower section functions as a multi-information display that can display driver-selected vehicle information. By adopting a luminous tachometer, the driver can obtain information intuitively without closely watching the indicator, as well as instant visual recognition of information and a stimulating counter design.

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