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Citing the need to reduce horsepower and weight to avoid tire problems and address safety issues with top speed versus clearance room, AMA Superbike officials decided to downsize the 1025 cc to 750 cc engine for 1983.

The move set up an epic battle between Kawasaki’s air-cooled two-valve-per-cylinder GPz750 Inline-4 and Honda’s four-valve-per-cylinder liquid-cooled VF750F Interceptor V-4. At the end of the season, the battle for the championship came down to Wayne Rainey on Kawasaki and Mike Baldwin on Honda, with Rainey winning the title…

Historical Race Bike Illustrations: AMA Superbikes of the 1980s, by Mick Ofield

It was a sea change in American road racing – production Superbikes became the premier racing vehicles, and on these beasts a generation of American road racers prepared to conquer the Grand Prix world! Go back in detail on these fascinating “production” machines that were anything but “production” in the last issue of Road racing world!

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