Here are the 10 Isle of Man TT riders with the most wins


The Isle of Man TT is one of the most dangerous motorsport events in the world, to date it has claimed 151 lives in its 114 year history. As it only takes place once a year and many years are canceled for different reasons (including this year), which equates to more than one driver fatality for each racing week. The worst year was 1970 when 6 runners lost their lives.

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The simple act of competing is already an act that defies death. To push harder and try to win, it takes work. Every race winner has a special place in the history of motorsport, anyone who has won more than one race is just on another level.

ten Phillip McCallen: 11 years old

Philip mccallen


Joint 8th on the all-time list, the Northern Irishman competed between 1989 and 1999.

Phillip mccallen


After a few years of mastering the course he enjoyed a dominant period between 1992 and 1997, winning the Formula 1 TT or finishing second every year, 1996 was his most successful year; winning 4 of the 5 races in which he participated.

9 Steve Hislop: 11 years old

Steve Hislop 1995


Hislop is the other man in 8th grade, he is perhaps one of the few people in the world, perhaps the only Scotsman, to own more than one bronze statue.

Steve hislop


Both statues were commissioned after his death in an unfortunate helicopter crash at the age of 41, one of them can be seen on the Isle of Man, the other life-size statue can be seen near by Harwick.

8 Ian Lougher: 12 years old

Ian Lougher Isle of Man

Isle of Man TT

With some runners having epic comeback stories, Lougher’s career is nothing short of epic. With some differences between the two, he has been driving the TT since 1984, that is to say 35 years.

Ian lougher

R&G Blog

It’s a pretty amazing career, with his most recent victory in the classic TT on a 1990 Yamaha TZ250 in 2014.

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7 Bruce Anstey: 12 years old

Bruce anstey

In the 7th commune, Anstey is the first rider on the list who is not from the United Kingdom. After winning a battle with cancer in 1997, the Kiwi really regained their pace in the early 2000s, winning seven races in as many years.

Bruce anstey

Bicycle republic

After a second battle with cancer, he planned to return to the Isle of Man in 2020 before it was canceled.

6 Mike Hailwood: 14 years old


DriveMag Drivers

Hailwood was one of the greatest motorcycle riders in history with several Grand Prix championships to accompany his 14 TT victories.

Via Zombiedrive Moto

He won’t be remembered for it though, what everyone will remember him for was one of the most incredible comeback stories in sports history. After being absent from motorcycle racing for around 11 years, he returned to the hot seat in 1978, claiming the overall victory over his Ducati 900SS (above).

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5 Ian Hutchinson: 16 years old


The score of the box

Arguably one of the greatest TT riders alive, Hutchinson rose to prominence in the early 2000s after working as a mechanic.

Ian hutchinson

FM energy

At 41, he still has a few races left and may well add to his tally of 16 wins.

4 Dave Molyneux: 17 years old

Dave Molyneux

Isle of Man TT

Slightly different from other racers, Molyneux drives a Sidecar. Which could actually be crazier than bikes, to be honest.

Dave Molyneux

Cambrian tires

Another veteran of the sport, who has been racing since 1985, he has a head start on the next sidecar driver, he will also likely be there when the TT returns in 2022.

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3 Michael Dunlop: 19

PACEMAKER, BELFAST, 20/2/2017: Michael Dunlop with the Bennetts Suzuki GSXR Superbike at Mallory Park which he will race on the roads in 2017. PHOTO BY STEPHEN DAVISON

Motorcycles. News

No last name is more closely tied to a particular sport. For their family, it is both glory and tragedy.

Michael dunlop

Cycle world

For Michael this is incredible fame, at just 32 he has 19 wins, just 7 short of his uncle Joey, who is still the undisputed king of TT.

2 John McGuinness: 23 years old

via Ride Apart

Despite being 50 at the next event, there is still a very good chance that he will catch up with his longtime hero Joey Dunlop.

John Mc Guinness

Cycle news

His story is another incredible comeback, after breaking his back in a huge crash in 2017 he regained his fitness and raced in the 2018 TT.

1 Joey Dunlop: 26

Joey dunlop


He is the undisputed king of TT, having won 26 incredible races, winning his last race in 2000 at the age of 52.

Isle of man

Sadly, he would die that same year, completing another tragedy chapter in Dunlop family history when he died doing what he loved after losing control of his bike and hitting a tree while riding. a road race in Estonia.

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