GTA V NPC steals player’s bike and prevents them from taking it back

An unsuspecting Grand Theft Auto V player suddenly finds himself assaulted by a random NPC, who forcibly pulls him off his motorcycle.

The world of Grand Theft Auto V is already filled with crime, and an NPC has proven it by stealing a player’s motorbike out of the blue. Rockstar’s latest open-world crime movie has broken world records for the most successful entertainment medium of all time in the many years since its launch in 2013, and has been ported and remastered on virtually every system after the release. PlayStation 3 and Xbox. 360. In 2020, Epic Games offered Grand Theft Auto V for free, a freebie that crashed Epic’s servers and increased the already massive player base for the base game and its online multiplayer component, grand theft auto online


Just like with Rockstar’s other big open-world hit, Red Dead Redemption 2players discovered many interesting details and character interactions in Grand Theft Auto V bustling town of Los Santos. Some of them occurred as a result of glitches, as was the case when Grand Theft Auto V Trevor Phillips suddenly flew up alongside an invisible helicopter on a mission. Others are the result of mods, like a player recreating the infamous “Spider-Man pointing” using Auto grand theft 3 protagonist Claudius.

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Of course, all the crime and mayhem players take part in during Grand Theft Auto V had to catch up with them at some point, and Reddit user Outlaw515o found out the hard way in a post they made to the GTA V subreddit earlier today. In this brief gameplay snippet, the player is riding a motorbike when a female NPC suddenly approaches and pulls him away without warning. She then gets on the bike herself, fights off an attempt by Outlaw515o to take it back, then rides away in the distance while another gang member stands idly by.

Currently, Rockstar is looking to bring GTA V to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with those remastered updates slated to arrive in March. Players can expect some neat extras to go along with the improved graphics of these current versions of GTA V, such as console-exclusive clothing for their characters and support for haptic feedback. Not only that, but Rockstar recently confirmed that they have begun work on the highly anticipated and oft-speculated Grand Automatic Flight 6though it will probably be a while before gamers see its first trailer.

Meanwhile, there seems to be no end to the crime and madness in Los Santos, as proven by Outlaw515o’s chance encounter with an NPC out to nab a shiny new motorcycle from an unsuspecting crook. It seems that even playable characters aren’t safe from getting mugged in the wild world of Grand Theft Auto Vbut which, unpredictably, contributed to making the GTA series one of the most talked about franchises in gaming.

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Source: Outlaw515o/Reddit

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