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FUELL – Reinventing urban mobility

May 7, 2021 – FUELL’s mission is to reinvent the pleasure of riding. The main concept behind FUELL is to develop a unique range of vehicles for new urban adventurers, thanks to the freedom of design, engineering and distribution.

The Flluid Electric Bike is the first stop on the journey with a host of new products in development, such as the Fllow Electric Motorcycle, which will complement and enhance the entire FUELL vehicle collection.

3 inch IPS color display showing speed, battery capacity, distance and offering 5 levels of assistance. Photo courtesy of Fuell.

FUELL is proud to present the Flluid-1S. The Flluid-1S Electric Bike is a beautiful and efficient urban mobility vehicle with a sleek design, premium components and engineered for low maintenance and ease of use. Available in dark gray, blue, red or silver, the Flluid-1S offers a wonderful and unique riding experience to the rider in a variety of settings.

Motor: FUELL-Bofeili 500 W medium drive with 100 Nm (73 ft-lbs) of torque.  Photo courtesy of Fuell.
Motor: FUELL-Bofeili 500 W medium drive with 100 Nm (73 ft-lbs) of torque. Photo courtesy of Fuell.

The Flluid 1-S comes standard with two large 504 Wh lithium batteries, totaling over 1 kWh, a 500 W torque sensing mid-motor and a Gates Carbon belt drive with a gear hub internal. This exceptional electric bike offers incredible efficiency, a modern and elegant look and a range of up to 125 miles. Additionally, the Flluid 1-S is available for new FUELL dealers to order now as part of the new FUELL Powersports dealer program.

PERFECT – ★★★★★

“This is my 4th electric bike and the best I have ever experienced. When I saw it in an ad, my thoughts were of a sleek, modern euro design, dual batteries, 125 miles per charge, belt drive, and 28 mph. I knew straight away that I wanted it. My impression on my first ride was that I had made the right decision to drive a good quality designed European car that was smooth, quiet, strong and fast. Now that I believe I have found the winning combination of e-bikes, I have found a real WINNER and I won’t need this one… just the BEST! “

Ron R. on April 21, 2021

To register and become a new FUELL reseller, contact FUELL at [email protected] and to find out more about FUELL vehicles, visit www.FUELL.US.


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