First look at 2022 GasGas motorcycles


2022 marks the second year of the GasGas models under the ownership of the KTM brand. This is accompanied by the addition of the new MC 350F, MC 250, EX 250 and EC 250 to its MY22 range.

2022 GasGas MC 450F

GasGas is entering its second year under the ownership of KTM for MY22. The flagship motocross of the brand is the MC 450F.Gas

Additionally, the MC 85 now comes with a 17-inch front and 14-inch rear wheel option, whereas last year it was only offered in a 19-inch front wheel and rear wheel configuration. of 16 inches. Now young riders can start with the 17/14 version and upgrade to the wider 19/16 wheels when they reach a suitable height.

2022 GasGas MC 250F

Although GasGas’ off-road motorcycles do not feature any updates for 2022, new models have been added to the lineup. One of the returning motorcycles is the MC 250F.Gas

2022 GasGas MC 350F

Last year, GasGas’ only four-stroke model 350 was the EX 350F cross-country. This year, the brand is also offering a 350 motocross bike, the MC 350F.Gas

2022 GazGas MC 250

Another new model in the GasGas range is the MC 250 two-stroke motocross bike.Gas

2022 GasGas MC 125

The MC 125 two-stroke motocross costs $ 6,899.Gas

2022 GazGas EX 450F

GasGas’ most displacement cross-country four-stroke motorcycle is the EX 450F.Gas

2022 GasGas EX 350F

According to GasGas, the EX 350F weighs 222 pounds without fuel. Last year’s bike weighed 237 pounds with fuel on the Dirt jumper Balance.Gas

2022 GazGas EX 250F

The EX 250F is unchanged from last year. We used the 2021 model on our in-house dyno, where it produced 39.3 hp and 18.8 lb-ft of torque.Gas

2022 GazGas EX 300

At $ 9,799, the suggested retail price of the EX 300 is up $ 200 from last year.Gas

2022 GazGas EX 250

New to the 2022 range is the EX 250, which is GasGas’ second off-road two-stroke competition model.Gas

2022 GazGas EC 300

GasGas’ flagship enduro motorcycle is the EC 300.Gas

2022 GazGas EC 250

Another new model for 2022 is the EC 250 enduro bike.Gas

2022 GazGas MC 85

The GasGas 85cc two-stroke motocross bike now comes in two wheel size combinations: 17 ” front and 14 ” rear, and 19 ” front and 16 ” rear .Gas

2022 GazGas MC 65

The suggested retail price of the MC 65 is $ 4,999.Gas

2022 GazGas MC 50

The MC 50 is equipped with a WP Xact 35mm air fork and a WP Xact shock absorber.Gas

2022 GasGas MC-E 5

To suit young riders of different skill levels, the mini electric MC-E 5 has six riding modes.Gas

2022 GasGas TXT Racing 300

We used the TXT Racing 300 trial bike on our in-house test bench last year and were intrigued by the results.Gas

2022 GasGas TXT Racing 280

One of GasGas’ six test models is the TXT Racing 280.Gas

2022 GasGas TXT Racing 250

According to GasGas, the TXT Racing 250 runs at 10,500 rpm.Gas

2022 GazGas TXT GP 300

At $ 8,599, the TXT GP 300 is GasGas’ most expensive trial bike.Gas

2022 GazGas TXT GP 280

TXT GP models come with special parts such as Gold Tech 39mm fork, Reiger damper, S3 cylinder head, carbon fiber airbox, titanium manifold pipe, red triple clamps, Renthal handlebars, S3 Hard Rock footrests and CTG factory graphics.Gas

2022 GazGas TXT GP 250

All GasGas trial bikes come with a Keihin PWK 28mm carburetor.Gas

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