Ex-wife barb after pulling on a car

Reham Khan said the government should be held accountable. To file

Reham Khan, activist and former wife of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, criticized him for the law and order situation in the country after his car was reportedly set on fire last night.

In a series of tweets, Ms Khan asked if this was “Imran Khan’s New Pakistan”. She wrote that she had just “changed” vehicles and that her secretary and driver were in the car.

“On the way home from my nephew’s wedding, my car has just been shot and two men on a motorcycle vehicle held in hand at gunpoint!” I had just changed vehicles. My PS and my driver were in the car. Is this Imran Khan’s new Pakistan? Welcome to the state of cowards, thugs and greedy !! “she tweeted.

Ms Khan, known to be critical of the Pakistani government on several issues, added in another tweet that the “so-called government should be held accountable”.

“I choose to live and die like the average Pakistani in Pakistan. Whether it is a loosely targeted attack or simply the state of lawlessness on the Twin Cities Main Road … this so-called government should be held accountable! my homeland, I can take a bullet! She wrote.

The activist said that while she didn’t fear death or injury, she cared about those who worked for her. When asked if her staff, who were in the car at the time of the shooting, were okay, Ms Khan is safe but “angry and shaken”.

She then tweeted that she had filed a complaint with the police and was waiting for a copy of the FIR.

“Imagine how slow the procedure is. We have all been awake all night and they are instead interrogating a shaken victim. I have no fear of death or injury, but I am outraged and worried about those who work for me,” she tweeted.

Ms Khan also shared a copy of the request to Shams Colony Police Station in Islamabad.

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