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The Roadracing World 2022 Reader Survey Part 2 is brought to you by DID and Woodcraft.

The winner of this survey will win a DID VR46 Rossi X-Ring sealed drive chain, valued at $146.50-$196.33 depending on application, and a set of Woodcraft frame sliders with new inserts optional Cerakote tints, which start at $89.99.

DID 520/525 VR46 Rossi X-ring pattern sealed chains come with gold inner plates and silver outer plates with unique VR46 engravings, a Rossi yellow colored master link and a commemorative DID/VR46 sticker sheet. The 520VR46 (MSRP $146.50) fits most motorcycles up to 800cc while the 525VR46 (MSRP $196.33) fits most 1000cc motorcycles. Chains are available for purchase from Dennis Kirk (DID Silver/Gold 520 VR46 Chain – 520VR46SG120ZB Cruiser Motorcycle – Dennis Kirk) and MotoSport (DID 520 VR46 X-Ring Chain | MotoSport) For more information contact Daido Corporation of America, Dept. RW, 1031 Fred White Blvd., Portland, TN 37148, (615) 323-4020.

Wooden frame sliders with optional NEW Cerakote color inserts Give your bike a custom look with Woodcraft’s race-level protection standard. These sliders offer the energy absorption of a plastic puck with the durable look of Cerakote colored aluminum. Our patented perpendicular mounting bolt design is much less susceptible to crash damage than traditional center mounting sliders. This makes washer replacement easier and creates more sliding surface for greater durability. Available in four colors: red, blue, gold and green. Frame slider kits with Cerakote inserts start at $89.99. For more information, contact Woodcraft Technologies, Dept. RW, 105 Baldwinville Rd., Winchendon, MA 01475, (978)-297-2977. [email protected]www.woodcraft-cfm.com.

The winner of the award for Road racing world The 2022 Reader Survey Part 2 will be randomly selected at 12:00 p.m. PT on Sunday, February 20.

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