Enraged bull crashes into bike race and attacks three riders in wild video

Was it the Toro de France?

California road racers have redefined ‘bull-riding’ after a nasty steer wandered onto the bike path and attacked several competitors, as seen in this shocking video.

“The bull charged and hit three runners in total,” videographer and competitor Richard Pepper told Storyful of the fiasco, which happened Feb. 12 during the Bianchi Rock Cobbler, a “stupidly tough” 80-mile course. miles in the Bakersfield area, via the contest website.

According to Pepper, the riders were making their way through a private cattle ranch that housed “an aggressive bull.”

“Before the race, they [the ranchers] drove it to the other side of their big ranch,” the cycling enthusiast explained. “Yet the bull came back to the section where the race was taking place.”

Little did the competitors know, their bike race was about to turn into a rodeo.

The bull has transformed cycle racing into a contact sport.
ELEVENGEAR via Storyful

In the ensuing 30-second clip, an unconscious cyclist named Tony Inderbitzin is seen crossing the hilly point halfway through the course, whereupon he encounters the belligerent beast in the middle of the path.

By Fox Newsthe rider initially mistook it for a cow and didn’t realize the reality until it was too late to avoid.

Seeing him, Ferdinand lowers his head and rams Inderbitzin to fly off his ride as onlookers scream in shock. The cantankerous beefcake chases him down, headbutting the now dismounted runner, sending him hurtling through the air in a scene from Pamplona’s iconic Running of the Bulls event. The clip ends with the enraged bull fleeing the scene.

“I have never had so much pain,” exclaimed victim Tony Inderbitzin. “At first, after the attack, my neck was killing me, that was the focal point of the pain. Now it’s the lower back.
ELEVENGEAR via Storyful

Inderbitzin painted the heartbreaking encounter in an interview with Fox, explaining, “I just kept going and when I was about 10 or 15 yards from him, he turned around, straightened up and I had some maybe one to prepare me.”

And although the cyclist was not seriously injured, the attack left him “extremely sore” and prevented him from finishing the race.

“I have never had so much pain,” exclaimed Inderbitzin. “At first, after the attack, my neck was killing me, that was the focal point of the pain. Now it’s the lower back.

The horned intruder approaches Tony Inderbitzin.
The horned intruder approaches Tony Inderbitzin.
ELEVENGEAR via Storyful

Sam Ames, creator of the Rock Cobbler, addressed the incident in an Instagram clip, in which he confirmed that three people “got tangled up with this bull”. He also uploaded a video showing another of the attacks. with the caption: “You play with the bull, you get the horns. Literally.”

Luckily, all the runners made it home safe and sound and were “all back here drinking beers”, according to Ames, who added that two out of three even finished the race.

Nonetheless, the bike boss uses the incident as a cautionary tale of the dangers of riding with the bulls.

“For the record, while we loved our shenanigans at the event, it was not planned, we do not condone riding on or near bulls,” Ames told Fox in a statement. “Cyclist safety is a top priority… so while this may be a joke, thankfully we will revise or change our route as needed for next year.”

In another bullying incident in December, a 2,000-pound cow charged at a police officer who tried to pull her away from the freeway.

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