Energica Sets New Bar for Electric Touring Motorcycles with Experia Long Range

If you’re interested in two-wheeled electric mobility and haven’t heard of Energica, you need to pay attention.

Energica Motor Company manufactures electric motorcycles from its headquarters in Modena, Italy – the heart of the exotic and the home of Ferrari, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, Pagani and Maserati.

Now over ten years old, Energica was established as a subsidiary of the CRP Group, who are world renowned suppliers to Formula 1 racing and specialists in computer aided design and engine engineering. materials. In 2022, Energica was taken private and delisted by Ideanomics, Inc. which took a 72.42% stake in the company.

Energica’s CEO is Livia Cevolini, whose family retained a 17.62% stake and recently provided fascinating insight into electric motorcycle technology and the unique challenges she overcame as CEO in this fascinating podcast interview.

Today, the company has a very successful three-year history as the only manufacturer of racing motorcycles for the premier Moto E class and is one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of beautiful performance electric motorcycles for the street.

A new bar for electric motorcycles

This week, Energica has once again set a new bar for the segment with the release of arguably the world’s most capable and suitable electric motorcycle for the sport touring segment, the Energica Experia.

Touring is the ultimate test for electric motorcycles for obvious reasons. Long distances, large frontal area, extra weight and a wide variety of conditions are directly proportional to the reduced range of any electric vehicle and more specifically electric motorcycles.

But the spirit of freedom that is intrinsic to all motorcyclists is no different with electric riders, and we all dream of being able to ride into the sunset, seek out new experiences and connect with the world behind the handlebars. of a bike on a big big adventure.

The motorcycle world really needed this bike – hats off to Energica.

Given that it’s just been released there are no real world driving reviews available yet and as hard as I tried I haven’t received a response from their CEO asking for an interview or a test drive!

However, based on the experiences of Energica owners around the world and the specs of the Experia, we can get a good idea of ​​how the bike is likely to become the world’s first purpose-built electric touring motorcycle.

Sublime smooth driving experience

Horsepower wise the Experia has a peak of 75kW/102Hp which is about perfect for the application and based on my Harley Davidson Livewire with 100Hp it’s full of beans.

Likewise, torque is well rated at 115 Nm / 85 lb-ft (900 Nm / 664 lb-ft at the wheel) and more than enough to comfortably fulfill its role. I can already imagine the feeling of climbing long, winding mountain roads with that silky smooth torque pushing me effortlessly.

Like all electric motorcycles, the digitally programmable linear power delivery will beat any ICE bike hands down for a sublimely smooth riding experience and is perfectly suited for slightly calmer touring duties.

In this latest version, Energica has also tweaked its liquid-cooled permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor so that it has less mass and sits lower in the (newly designed) chassis, which will no doubt help the bike to feel more agile than his 260 kg. weight would imply.

At the heart of the ride challenge is the most capacity you can get in an electric motorcycle today, with a 22.5 kWh (19.6 kWh nom) lithium polymer battery. On paper, it’s good for 208 km of Extra Urban range (222 km of WMTC range) which, at around 2 hours of driving, is pretty darn good, I think.

What we can safely assume is that over a wide range of conditions and at full load this range will be less, especially if you leave some reserve and recharge to 80-90% using DCFC. The Energica also has an integrated 3 kW AC charger.

Personally, I’m totally fine with this based on my own electric touring experience, but let’s be honest, this won’t replace your Gold Wing just yet. But damn, we’re getting closer.

As you’d expect, city range is outstanding at up to 420km, and quite honestly, if I didn’t like my Livewire so much, this bike would be perfect for me as a commuter sport bike and of weekend with its comfort, its protection and all that is advanced.

Lavished with high quality specifications

You can dive into the other specs here, but as we’d expect from Energica, the bike has a high level of brakes, suspension and digital controls such as ABS, cruise control, seven-mode throttle management and a step rear for parking duties. The launch model comes with 112L side and top cases, a special color scheme and a generous Sport Touring style fairing.

As you might expect, owning the world’s first true electric touring motorcycle, gleaming Italian-style and packed with the best race-derived technology, doesn’t come cheap. I contacted the guys at the Australian Electric Motorcycle Co. who brought Energica to Australia and they suggested it would be available for around A$49,000 off the road – about the same price as my Harley Livewire.

More details will be available on their website coming soon for locals interested in electrifying their touring dreams and despite the challenges of building and shipping anything right now, the goal is for the first Experia to be available around October.

If real-world testing proves the specs and Energica has done a good job as we expect them to, they may have just built one of the most capable electric motorcycles in the world.

Bellissima, congratulations Energica!

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