Electric motorcycle maker Atum launches solar-powered charging station


Atum Electric Motorcycle

ATUM Charge is the first universal charging station for all electric vehicles. It will also be the gas station for Atumobile’s ATUM 1.0 electric motorcycle and an official test center.

As electric vehicles gain a foothold in the country, the development of efficient charging stations is the need of the hour. The past year saw the launch of a range of electric vehicles, particularly in the two-wheeler segment. This change is due in particular to the urgent need for personal means of transportation during the current pandemic situation and is also fueled by the ever higher prices of gasoline and diesel.

ATUM Charge, a 100 percent subsidiary of Visaka Industries Limited, seeks an eco-friendly and sustainable ecosystem. The company has installed India’s first 100% autonomous solar-powered electric charging station in Hyderabad.

ATUM Charge is very different from a conventional charging station for electric vehicles. It uses ATUM, the first Integrated Solar Roof Generator of Electricity in the world unlike other charging stations which use the electricity produced by the production of thermal energy, which in itself is a source of pollution thus thwarting the very objective of ” cleaner energy that respects the environment.

ATUM Fee in Hyderabad

Launched at SP Road, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, by Dr G Vivekanand, Chairman, Visaka Industries Limited, ATUM Charge, in addition to serving as a service station for Atumobile’s ATUM 1.0, a cafe racer style electric bike and serving of test center. , will also respond to charging requests for all electric vehicles. It will have free Wi-Fi and workstations as well as a satellite desk.

Mr. Vamsi with Atum at the launch of Atum Charge
Mr. Vamsi, Deputy Managing Director, with Atum at the launch of Atum Charge

These charging stations are powered by the ATUM solar roof, generating 40% more electricity compared to traditional solar panels. It can be installed in urban and rural areas and does not require any roofing. ATUM is Class A fire rated and hurricane resistant, able to withstand winds over 200 km / h. Constructed of GreenPro certified material, the load panels are highly durable and reliable.

ATUM charging stations are made of Vnext panels which are fiber cement panels, more ecological than gypsum, wood or plywood. These Vnext products produce only 36 kg of CO2 emissions compared to 800 kg produced by plywood and 1000 and 2000 kg produced by cement or steel per tonne, thus making ATUM Charge better able to conserve energy and preserve the environment.

The company has installed panels with a capacity of 4 kW that can charge up to 10 to 12 vehicles per day with a charge time of 6 to 8 hours at 100% charge. It consists of 3 charging sockets. In addition, the company will install a capacity of 6 kW to charge up to 25 to 30 vehicles per day. After the successful launch in the city of Hyderabad, similar charging facilities are being installed in the cities of Chennai, Goa and Bangalore.

Atum 1.0 Electric Motorcycle

Atumobile Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad recently introduced the Atum 1.0 Electric Bike at Rs 49,999. It sports a minimalist styling and cafe racer look with sleek dual LED lights, LED indicators and a flat, wide handlebar with a centrally placed digital display. in the form of a group of instruments.

The electric bike receives a portable lithium-ion battery which takes 4 hours for a full charge. The 6kg battery uses 1 unit of electricity to be charged to 100% which means the bike can go 100km in just Rs 6-7.


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