Edinburgh man stunned as thief ‘leaves’ on £ 4,500 electric motorcycle test drive he plans to sell to him


The suspect, who cannot be named for legal reasons, stole the Sur Ron electric motorcycle as he tested it in the city’s North Fort Street neighborhood on Wednesday, July 28.

The owner and seller of the vehicle, who does not want to be named, told the Edinburgh Evening News that the same man bought him a similar bike a few weeks before and paid the full amount.

But this time around, the supposed “buyer” arrived in a Mercedes car with two friends and was dropped off before the vehicle was parked further down the street.

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The stolen electric motorcycle.

The motorcycle salesman, a student at Heriot-Watt University, said: “He said ‘okay, can I give it a try?’ then spun with.

“He drove down the street and came back to where they (his friends) were parked and told them the police were around the corner and he was scared to go home, and his friends told him to ‘go. I think it was just an excuse.

“At first I thought he was laughing just because he paid me for the previous bike, but I realized when the Mercedes skidded it was stolen.”

The man, who claims he and the supposed buyer had agreed on a price of £ 4,500, said he was in shock and contacted police around ten minutes later. He said he had since tried to contact the man on social media, but to no avail.

The messages seen by this log show that arrangements are being made between the seller and a Facebook account belonging to the suspect to retrieve the motorcycle.

A few days after the theft, in another Facebook message exchange seen by this log between the bicycle seller and a relative of the suspect, the relative said he would tell him to return the bike but that the previous bike he got to him. sold was “defective” and he should return the money for it.

The motorcycle salesman said, “He has two of my bikes and only paid for one.

“If it was broken, when he tested it, he would have said it was broken. Why didn’t he contact me to get his money back?

The suspect denied any knowledge of the incident when asked to comment.

A Scottish Police spokesperson said: ‘Police investigations are underway following the theft of an electric motorcycle on Portland Street in Edinburgh on July 28, 2021.’

Police are examining local CCTV as part of their investigations.

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