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My name is Pam Q. I earned my San Francisco Dykes on BikesÒ crest in 2018. I have been a board member since 2018 and vice president since 2019. I am originally from San Francisco and I know that I was lucky enough to have San Francisco Dykes on Bikes as the name I grew up with.

Riding motorcycles came easily to me because I’ve been around them all my life. I remember riding with my dad as a kid, and he passed me from his motorcycle through the window of the family van to my mom. I was riding a motorcycle before I even drove a car. As a youngster, I enjoyed the freedom to move around and navigate San Francisco traffic, and the ease of parking a motorcycle on crowded city streets. Motorcycles became a hobby and an interest that would take me to many places.

In 2018, I had a strong desire to be more connected with the motorcycle community. I contacted San Francisco Dykes on Bikes and started attending their meetings at The Eagle. I really enjoyed hanging out with the group and just clicked with them. I started volunteering and attending Dykes on Bikes events.

Before I knew it, it was June and Pride and everyone at San Francisco Dykes on Bikes was hard at work preparing for the Market Street descent. That year was my second time riding a motorcycle in the San Francisco LGBTQ+ Pride Parade. However, new to me that year was an awareness of the history of Dykes on Bikes and the many Dykes before me who fought to protect the Dykes on Bikes name and logo, all the way to Court supreme.

I grew up in San Francisco as a self-identified young Dyke, and am grateful that future generations, like me, will proudly adopt the term “Dyke” in large part because of the legacy of the San Francisco Dykes on Bikes . It is also important to me to continue to support and encourage Dykes on Bikes chapters in other parts of the world, so that others have the same opportunity as I to proudly identify themselves as Dyke on a Bike.


Posted on March 24, 2022

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