Drunk Scottish fan is hit by motorbike after stepping straight into traffic as tartan army hits London


It’s the shocking moment a drunken Scottish fan was hit by a motorbike in London – after stumbling directly into oncoming traffic.

The tartan army supporter was caught on camera crashing into the vehicle as thousands of supporters descended on London ahead of tomorrow’s Euro clash against England at Wembley.


A Scottish supporter was hit by a motorbike in London today
Fan tripped directly in moving traffic


Fan tripped directly in moving traffic

Moments before the collision he could be seen struggling to walk across the road.

He then staggers directly into the black motorcycle, knocking the rider and his vehicle to the ground.

The cars come to a halt as the driver appears to be yelling at the soccer fan, who manages to trip over his feet and run away.

But it is understood that the boy suffered no injuries, as a friend later shared a photo of him smiling in his hotel room.

He appeared unharmed after the collision and fled


He appeared unharmed after the collision and fled

It comes as Scottish fans filled Leicester Square’s fountain with bubbles before bathing and drenching the cops with alcohol.

The party has started for thousands of hardliners in the tartan army who made the trip to London before tomorrow’s Euro clash with England at Wembley.

Scottish supporters at the top with flags were in high spirits as they chanted “no Scotland, no party”.

Soccer fanatics could be seen clapping and jumping while singing as the excitement builds ahead of the massive Euro game.

Footage also showed smiling Met police officers covered in alcohol as they walked past tartan army fans chanting “We’re coming.”

It is estimated that up to 20,000 Scottish fans made the trip to London despite calls from Mayor Sadiq Khan to stay home.

Just under 3,000 Tartan Army supporters will be able to attend the match, with limits still in place due to Covid.

We said earlier how Scottish crowds were heard chanting John McGinn’s name after arriving in London.

The fans were also filmed singing Yes Sir, I Can Boogie as they traveled by train to the British capital.

Elsewhere, supporters threw flares in an unofficial fanzone in Hyde Park as they soaked up the electric atmosphere.

Tartan army crowds fill London’s Leicester Square fountain with bubbles and alcohol-soaked cops

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