Deep clean your bike in winter with these Black Friday deals


If your bike is in dire need of a deep cleaning, take advantage of great Black Friday deals to get some of the best bike care products. There are deals on all kinds of different bike cleaners, but especially the ones from Muc-Off, which could be the perfect thing to get with everything you’ve seen as part of our Black Friday bike deals.

You can get complete cleaning kits, which come with brushes and cloths, as well as essential fluids to remove dirt from your bike. Or you might just want a little extra lube to keep your chain moving during the wet and cold winter months. Either way, it’s worth moving now to buy those things you’ve been waiting for, especially while there is 40% off everything Muc-Off. Look further though, and you might find better deals.

Black Friday bike cleaning deals

While you might have put your best bike away yet and hauled your winter steed out of the shed or climbed on your turbo trainer, it’s still a good time to clean up. There are always deals to be had on Muc-Off products, but these Black Friday deals are smaller than normal. There’s a reason the UK company’s cleaning kits are so popular, and so when they are on offer you should really get the most out of them.

Making sure that you regularly and thoroughly clean your bike is one of the key principles of cycling, but this should also be followed by protection and lubrication, which can be done with many of the products on offer. Nobody likes to be the person in the pack with the squeaky chain, so why not sort that out now, this Black Friday weekend?

Other Black Friday offers

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