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Damon Motors Exceeds Backlog by $90 Million; The company is considering potential customers of $250 million worldwide

Production preparations underway for 2023 deliveries

VANCOUVER, BC – Damon Motors, the first electric motorcycle company, today announced that its backlog has surpassed a backlog of $90 million to date worldwide with potential of more than $250 million thanks to international partnerships, such as the one with Auteco in Latin America. Makers of the first electric motorcycle capable of outperforming the best gas-powered superbikes, Damon products benefit from never-before-seen technological advancements, including HyperDrive™, Co-Pilot™ and Shift™, designed to solve the problems found on all other motorcycles in the world. world. world. Combined with their astounding 200 hp / 200 mph / 200 mile range, Damon motorcycles represent the first breed of motorcycles ready to replace combustion two-wheelers and lead the industry into a greener future.

“You can’t be the future of anything if you’re not better than the past,” says co-founder and CEO Jay Giraud. “It was necessary for us to target performance metrics that were as good or better than anything that had been achieved before, otherwise people won’t go electric in significant numbers. This is the fundamental Achilles heel in the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry so far. No one will trade for an electric motorcycle if it’s not as good as what they already have – people want to trade. »

With over 160 million motorcycles produced each year, the industry is responsible for being the second worst emitter of greenhouse gas emissions. Yet this staggering figure is dwarfed: motorbikes produce on average 16 times more hydrocarbons than passenger cars, which outnumber the daily use of motorbikes. To make matters worse, a report by Ian Savage of Northwestern University finds that motorcycle crashes today account for 212 fatalities per billion passenger-kilometres, compared to just seven for cars. The majority of these crashes occur at intersections caused by motorists, but are also attributed to a lack of evasive action by motorcyclists. It was these facts combined with his passion for motorcycling that led Mr. Giraud and co-founder Dom Kwong to found the company.

“We need to reach one million units a year to put a dent in the industry and change it forever,” adds Giraud. “By coupling high-volume production with our 5G connected, sensor-enabled, self-learning computing system, we can ensure that every mile driven on a Damon motorcycle makes every other Damon motorcycle smarter and safer with live updates. . We can cause crash rates to fall perpetually over the next decade. That’s our 2030 goal.”

With more than 3,500 customers waiting, the company is furiously preparing its pilot production facility in San Rafael, Calif., for its California customers, where more than 25% of Damon’s orders currently reside. To prepare for large-scale manufacturing, Damon has also leased a 108,000 square foot factory in Vancouver, Canada being readied for global production.


Damon’s award-winning electric superbikes, including HyperSport and HyperFighter, deliver unparalleled safety, comfort, 5G connectivity and performance with breakthrough technology and zero tailpipe emissions. Exclusive features include its CoPilot™ 360º advanced warning system, with a 7-inch LCD screen that broadcasts a rear view from the rear-facing camera; Shift™, which transforms the driving position between sport and shuttle modes during movement; and HyperDrive™, the world’s first all-electric, multivariate monocoque powertrain platform, which allows Damon to rapidly introduce new models that share 85% of the parts of its sister models. By using the Battery Frame as the chassis of the motorcycle, HyperDrive has also achieved unprecedented weight advantages, allowing it to achieve breakthrough levels of energy density, allowing it to achieve combined range 200 mile city/highway. At 201 Wh/kg, that’s nearly double the energy density per pound of weight as competitors Zero and Livewire (NYSE: LVWR). In short: more miles per dollar.

Paired with Damon’s 150kW 6-stage liquid-cooled IPM motor-gearbox, Damon’s HyperSport and HyperFighter deliver jaw-dropping numbers: over 200hp and 230nm of torque, capable of revving up to 18,000 rpm. At 754 W/Kg, the motor delivers more than double the power per pound of weight than a Tesla motor, and more than triple its competitors Zero and Livewire (NYSE: LVWR).

About Damon Motors

Damon Motors is a global technology leader disrupting urban mobility. With offices in San Rafael, California, and headquarters and manufacturing in Vancouver, Canada, Damon is on a mission to bring about a paradigm shift for a safer, smarter motorcycle. The company delivers on its promise with award-winning innovation and unprecedented technologies. Anchored by its exclusive electric powertrain, HyperDrive™, Damon has captivated the motorcycling world with blazing speed, fierce design and epic new features including CoPilot™ and Shift™ that appeal to a whole new generation of riders. With rapid market adoption by enthusiastic buyers in the United States and abroad, Damon is setting a new standard for motorcycle safety and durability worldwide.

For more information on how Damon technology is setting the new industry standard, please visit damon.com.

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