Cops crack down on cyclists, 222 FIRs filed in two days | Bombay News

Mumbai: Learning of the mischievous bike riders after a series of complaints from residents, traffic police have launched a crackdown. Police filed FIRs against 222 bikers on Thursday and Friday night. Mumbai Traffic Police officers said they have received numerous complaints about racing gangs operating across the city.

“Running activity has resumed in many parts of the city as highlighted by Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey during a Facebook live session,” a police official said. Traffic. Pandey had earlier said citizens in the BKC and JJ flyover had complained about overnight bike races. “Motorcyclists are always running. Wait…we will make sure these bikes are removed if they are on the roads in Mumbai,” Pandey had posted on his official Twitter account.

According to Raj Tilak Roushan, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), special driving was carried out between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. through the city, especially on sections of roads where races were taking place. Roushan said that of the 222 motorcyclists reserved for the race, the maximum riders were captured by Dahisar division (19 cases), followed by Nagpada division (17 cases), DN Nagar (15 cases) and Kandivali (12 cases). ). Staff from the 50 traffic chowkies were on the streets.

The riders were arrested for reckless driving and their two-wheelers were confiscated by the police. “Riders from Kalbadevi and DB Marg and BKC were also booked,” Roushan said.

Officials said bikers mainly run weekend races in places that are not under 24-hour police surveillance. Officers said the bikers were sending WhatsApp messages placing bets ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000.

“Often the bikes used for racing are stolen or modified. We had been tracking runner activity and monitoring popular spots for running,” Roushan said.

Roushan further said that the driving will continue until the police are able to completely curb the race and prevent drivers from driving on the wrong side, putting themselves and others’ lives at risk.

Violators do not pay the e-challan fine to face legal action

As a last resort to recover unpaid challans, the Mumbai Traffic Police sent pre-litigation notices to 14,82,328 vehicle owners to pay their pending challans or be present in court. Traffic police officers said the deadline for paying unpaid challans was March 12 after which offenders would have to appear in one of 15 courts chosen by them to face the consequences.

Raj Tilak Roushan, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic HQ) said if offenders fail to appear in court, an indictment will be filed against them and legal action will be taken against them.

Traffic police officers said there was a backlog of 29 lakh unpaid fines of e-challans for various traffic offenses amounting to 315 crore.

According to traffic police officials, offenders who have dangling challans longer than 15,000 received pre-litigation notices. “We sent the notices by SMS and gave a deadline until March 12 to pay the pending dues. We also sent out notices to respective chowkies across the city to be hand-delivered to violators at their registered addresses,” Roushan said.

Since September 12, the Maharashtra Traffic Police had started sending out pre-litigation notices to owners of vehicles that owed them more than 4,17,41,68,415 crore fines for committing statewide traffic violations. More than 10 lakh vehicle owners received the notices.

Despite a partial lockdown in 2021 caused by surging Covid-19 cases, traffic violations have not decreased. The traffic police had in 2021 filed 63,81,548 cases.

The data indicates that 95,160 people were arrested for driving without a seatbelt, 8,06,472 passengers were arrested without a helmet, 66,3285 cases were committed for people driving in the “no-entry” zone and 3,42 329 people were arrested for jumping at the signal.

Officers said the means they had taken to retrieve the waiting challans were not working, so they had to approach the court. Since June 14, 2021, teams of gendarmes have been asked to visit the addresses of offenders who have not paid e-challans of more than 5,000 targeting the 25,000 people most accountable collectively 120 crores to traffic service.

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