Chinese brand Zontes announces three-cylinder engine

The three-cylinder engine is expected to be around 800 cc, and Zontes plans to expand the engine to multiple capacities.

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Chinese brand Zontes revealed images of a new triple-cylinder engine on social media

Chinese motorcycle maker Zontes is known for its small-displacement motorcycles, and so far the brand has produced 125cc and 310cc motorcycles. Now, the firm has set its sights on larger models and unveiled a new three-cylinder engine, which will power its future models. A video posted by the company on Chinese social media shows the new engine, along with engine components, such as camshafts, crankshafts and cylinders. The new three-cylinder engine is expected to be around 800cc, although Zontes maintains that multiple displacements of the same engine type will be produced.

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The engine components are named after Tayo, the parent company of Zontes

The new three-cylinder in-line engine is said to have a particularly high compression ratio of 13.5: 1, so it was designed to deliver performance. For reference, the Triumph Street Triple RS inline three-cylinder engine with 121 hp has a compression ratio of 12.54: 1, and the triple MV Agusta 800 cc with 147 hp has a compression ratio of 13.3 : 1. If Zontes announces a three-cylinder in-line 800cc engine, it could very well compete in performance with the triple 800cc of the MV Agusta.

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The teaser images also show the cylinders of the inline three-cylinder engine.


Zontes is headquartered in Guangdong, China and is a subsidiary of Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co Ltd. The brand specializes in the manufacture of small-displacement motorcycles, step-throughs and scooters, although the brand is well known for its line of 312 cc bikes, which are also exported to a few European markets, as well as America. Latin. The Zontes 310 range of bikes includes the T310, X310, V 310 and VX310 touring bikes. The Zontes 310 range also has a small adventure bike.

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