‘Chaos’ as convoy of fast-moving motorcyclists and quads ‘attend funeral’ zooms in on Salford


Motorcycles and quads caused ‘mayhem’ following a funeral in Salford as riders halted traffic on a busy main road.

Around 20 vehicles were seen cranking the engines and driving erratically at the Cromwell Road roundabout in Kersal on Thursday morning (September 23).

Police criticized those attending the funeral of a “respected member” of the Kersal community for using “stolen vehicles and their own vehicles to provoke anti-social behavior”.

Video footage shows cyclists – some in balaclavas – passing over, through and around the grassy edge of the roundabout as traffic backs up along the surrounding roads.

A 4X4 vehicle can also be seen circling the grass several times at high speed.

Later Thursday, images of a number of motorcycles were shared on social media.

Traffic was lining up on the roundabout

One image with the caption “Chaos in Kersal” shows a large fire under a tree, while another shows several people gathered in the area.

Police said officers were reviewing CCTV footage and would speak to residents who may have breached rental agreements by “supporting, participating in or encouraging this type of anti-social behavior.”

A resident, who was woken up by the sound of vehicle engines, said runners cut off traffic on the generally busy Cromwell Road.

They said: “It was around 10:40 am this morning at the Cromwell Road roundabout.

You could see a 4×4 driving over the edge

“I was sleeping and it woke me up. I got up and saw them all.

“It was just carnage. Traffic was stopped all along the road.

Traffic has been interrupted

“They were there for about ten minutes and there were queues on both sides of Cromwell Road.

“There was no sign of the police.

“A police car arrived about 20 minutes later, but they were gone and the traffic had started to increase.

Bikes and quads block traffic on Cromwell Road roundabout

“Then a big riot truck drove down Littleton Road and came back later with three bikes behind it.

“Then there were about five other mopeds without license plates.

An article posted on the Greater Manchester Police, Swinton, Pendlebury and East Salford Facebook page, indicates that several people attending funerals “used stolen vehicles and their own vehicles” to provoke antisocial behavior.

Officers say they are reviewing CCTV to prosecute those responsible.

Inspector Lomas’ message reads: “Today in Kersal there was a funeral for a respected member of this community. Unfortunately, this was not treated as a grim and great occasion. part of those who witnessed the use of theft, and their own vehicles to provoke anti-social behavior on Littleton and Cromwell Road.

“There will be a follow-up of all disclosed criminal offenses, we will review all CCTV footage available to us to prosecute those responsible.

“I have an officer on my team who is personally making contact with everyone who called the police today to report what they saw.

“I want to thank all of the law-abiding residents of Kersal and assure them that I and my team are on duty tonight. We respond to every call made and we will follow up on all reported leads.

“In the longer term, I will speak to the housing of residents who may have violated their rental terms by supporting, participating or encouraging this type of anti-social behavior. “

Police say they are reviewing CCTV of the incident

A previous post on the Pendlebury and East Salford Facebook page said officers had anticipated any “spontaneous antisocial behavior” linked to funerals in the area.

It reads: “Residents of Kersal, there are many messages regarding a funeral in the Kersal area on 23.09.21.

“My team and I support this dark event. At this time, the police have no plans to be involved in the funeral as it is a private matter for the family.

“I am aware that local residents are concerned about the suggestion of a wake associated with the funeral.

“There has been no formal approach to the relevant authorities nor any specific request for permission to use nearby authorized sites or outdoor locations for this purpose.

“I want to reassure these residents and the wider community that I have planned for that there will be a visible and proportionate police response to any spontaneous antisocial behavior related to this event.

“Inspector Lomas”

MEN contacted Greater Manchester Police for further information.


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