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A driver who admitted he was fatigued at the time of a frontal crash that killed a motorcyclist three years ago near Oliver was acquitted on Friday of criminal charges arising from the incident.

Daerio John Romeo, 29, was charged with dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing bodily harm in the crash of July 14, 2018, which killed Paul Knight and seriously injured his wife by Knight, Ruth.

Romeo’s trial took place in the British Columbia Supreme Court in Penticton in May, and Judge Dennis Hori delivered his ruling in Kelowna on Friday.

The lawsuit heard that Knight, a 64-year-old English dentist, was on vacation in Canada at the time and was visiting the Okanagan with his wife aboard a 2018 Harley Davidson they had rented in Calgary.

Romeo was driving a 1999 Toyota Corolla sedan when he collided with the Knights’ motorcycle on a two-lane stretch of Highway 97 near Highway 18, about 10 kilometers south of Oliver.

According to an RCMP crash analyst who testified at trial, Romeo’s car was heading north when the driver’s side mirror scuffed the driver’s side of a southbound pickup truck. Then, about 1.5 seconds later, Romeo’s car collided head-on with Knight’s motorcycle in a southerly direction.

Based on physical evidence gathered at the scene, retired Corporal David Barnhart determined that the point of impact between the car and the motorcycle was only 0.26 meters from the fog line in the lane. heading south, which means Romeo’s vehicle veered deeply into oncoming traffic.

The officer also noted that there was no evidence, such as skid marks, to suggest that Romeo had taken evasive action before either collision.

“The lack of physical evidence is indicative of non-cognitive driving, which can be due to many reasons: whether there is impaired driving, distracted driving, or the driver has fallen asleep,” Barnhart explained. .

Another RCMP officer who attended the scene testified that Romeo, after being pulled from his car by rescue teams, admitted he was not at his best.

“I think fatigue caused the accident. I was tired, ”Romeo told the officer.

Based on this evidence, the Crown also called as witnesses a couple who encountered Romeo driving irregularly on nearby Highway 3 between Keremeos and Osoyoos about an hour before the crash.

The couple, who videotaped their 12-minute interaction and eventually called the police, watched Romeo’s car come in and out of its lane and pass vehicles on continuous double lines.

At around 1:52 p.m., the couple lost sight of Romeo when he arrived at an industrial area near Osoyoos. At 2:43 p.m., Romeo crashed into the Knights’ motorcycle about 10 km north of the industrial area.

Taken as a whole, the prosecution argued, Romeo’s failure to rest enough in Osoyoos amounted to dangerous driving. But the judge didn’t see it that way.

“The difficulty with the Crown’s argument is that while Mr. Romeo should have anticipated the risk of driving while tired, there is no evidence that Mr. Romeo did not take steps to avoid the risk. Had the Crown been able to present evidence that Mr. Romeo’s erratic conduct continued from Osoyoos until the collision, the Crown would have made a more convincing argument. However, there is no such evidence, ”Judge Hori said in his ruling.

“Given the lack of evidence, I am not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Romeo did not take any action during the 51 minutes to relieve his fatigue and avoid the risk of continuing to drive,” continued Hori.

“If Mr. Romeo were to leave the freeways to relieve his fatigue by taking a short nap or cooling off, I would not view his driving as a marked departure from the actions a reasonable person would take under these circumstances.”

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DB arrests 8 members of Dhaka motorcycle thief gang Cumilla Fri, 11 Jun 2021 07:41:35 +0000

The Police Detective Division (DB) claims to have arrested eight members of an organized motorcycle thieving gang while carrying out special operations in different areas of Dhaka and Cumilla.

According to DB officials, the criminals first scout and draw up a list of houses that do not have security guards.

For all the latest news, follow the Daily Star’s Google News channel.

They break the locks and start the bike, using battery wire, said Razib Al Masud, deputy commissioner of the DB Lalbagh division, who coordinated the campaign to stop the gang.

DB police identified those arrested as Abul Kalam Azad, Md Rubel, Sagar Mia alias Bahani, Md Babu, Md Afzal Hossain, Rashedul Islam alias Russel, Md Faruk Hossain and Helal Hossain.

Upon information, a police team drove to the Madhubagh and Hatirjheel areas of Dhaka and arrested six gang members and recovered five stolen bikes in their possession on Tuesday, DC Razib Al Masud told the Daily Star.

Obtaining information from those arrested, the police team took a walk to Cumilla and arrested two other people and recovered 12 stolen bikes in their possession, he said.

“Sometimes gang members start working as security guards in targeted homes and then steal bikes when they can get them,” he said.

After stealing bikes, the group sends them to different neighborhoods to sell.

“When selling the stolen bikes, the gang said they were brought into the country through the border,” DC said.

Sometimes they would sell these bikes, claiming they would collect them at customs auctions and make fake auction certificates and documents, he added.

A complaint was lodged with the Hatirjheel police station.

During examination-in-chief, those arrested said that they drove the stolen vehicles themselves and sold them in the districts of Chandpur, Noakhali and Comilla.

“We have learned that this gang has been involved in this crime for 10 years. During questioning, those arrested admitted to stealing more than a thousand motorcycles,” said Madhusudan Das, deputy commissioner of the DB division. Lalbagh.

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Man describes when he tried to save couple after crash left 5 children orphaned Thu, 10 Jun 2021 10:40:32 +0000

A gardener has spoken of when he tried to save a couple who were killed in a tragic motorcycle accident, leaving their five children orphaned.

Antonio Forsythe, 34, was one of the first people at the scene of the incident in which Mohammed Shahdab and Sheikala Razaq, both 39, died.

The alleged hit-and-run occurred on Fox Hollies Road in Birmingham’s Acocks Green area at 5:45 p.m. on June 5.

Both parents were traveling on the same motorbike and were pronounced dead at the scene, West Midlands police said.

A 47-year-old man, who was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving, has been released pending further investigation.

Mr Forsythe, who witnessed the crash on Saturday, said he tried to administer CPR to the couple until paramedics arrived, Birmingham live reports.

Floral tributes left at the crash scene

He explained, “I was the first person to reach them. My phone was dead but luckily 10 seconds later a few other people came. They must have heard the bang.

“I was the one who put them in the recovery position. Everyone was a little worried because they were in the wrong direction. People were panicking because we didn’t want to hurt them.

“It was traumatic. I had never seen them before, they were two strangers. I tried to save their lives, but I couldn’t.”

Antonio, who goes through CitizenX on social media, said he felt “guilty” for not being able to save the couple.

Emergency services at the scene of the crash
The fatal accident happened on Saturday

He now calls for the installation of speed bumps on the site and for better education in road safety to prevent another life from being lost.

“I wrote to my MP and posted articles online about writing a petition,” Antonio said. “I think we also need better road safety and education measures.

“I met someone this morning who told me that there had been an accident some time ago. This is the fifth or sixth accident on this road that I have seen since the beginning of the year. . “

He said children who lost their parents in the latest crash need to know something is done.

Flowers at the crash site
The couple’s five children have been orphaned

The fatal accident left Mohammed and Sheikala’s children orphans and a GoFundMe page was created on Sunday by cousin Waqar Hussain.

Donations for children have already exceeded £ 178,000.

Mr Hussain posted on the GoFundMe page: “Yesterday (6/5/2021) we lost our dearest cousins ​​Shadab and his wife in a tragic motorcycle accident in Acocks Green, Birmingham (UK).

“Both were a pillar of strength for their surviving family and were much loved, respected and honest human beings within the community.

“This is a tragic loss for our whole family and unfortunately Shadab and his wife leave 5 girls aged 5 to 17 orphaned because of this huge tragedy.

“Losing a parent is quite tragic, but losing both at the same time is just heartbreaking and unimaginable.

“This page will fund me is to help raise funds to support their five young daughters.”

At the scene of the incident on Monday, many floral tributes could be seen at the foot of a lamppost and a tree.

The scene of the incident on Fox Hollies Road in Acocks Green, Birmingham
The scene of the incident on Fox Hollies Road in Acocks Green, Birmingham

A tribute said, “May you both rest in eternal peace. A tragic end to your beautiful lives. Bless you both.”

Another said: “Although we are far away, we will keep you close to us in our thoughts and in our hearts. We will miss you but never forget you.

“You have captured a place in our hearts.”

Police said the circumstances of the crash remained unclear and urged all witnesses or anyone with information to contact them.

Officers previously said a blue Saab may have been involved, but left the scene.

The force said officers were reviewing CCTV but wanted more footage.

To donate to fundraising, click here.

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Brushing with death opens the door for the biker to become the protector of a rare butterfly Wed, 09 Jun 2021 20:30:00 +0000

Greg Flint was riding his motorbike home from work in Darwin on Friday, November 13, 2009.

He was a successful project manager who had traveled Australia and the world with his work.

“I don’t even remember coming home because it was such a routine day,” he said.

His BMW R100 Paris Dakar had given him so much freedom and reliability, but offered little protection against Friday the 13th stroke of luck.

A car suddenly turned and Greg T boned it.

The mechanical engineer woke up more than a month later in hospital, 2,500 miles away, in his hometown of Perth.

He had an open book pelvic fracture and serious head injuries.

There was a hole cut in his skull to relieve the pressure.

Greg had to relearn how to walk and talk for several months thereafter.

The intersection of two streets in Darwin, with a silver car in the foreground and a white one driving in the opposite direction
It was at the intersection of Daly and Woods streets in Darwin that Greg Flint’s life changed on Friday, November 13, 2009.(

ABC Radio Darwin: Conor Byrne


The hands of slow time

Greg has gone from a busy professional and personal life to many free hours.

“I had the chance to reflect,” he said.

As his life had just changed, he was also able to begin to control his destiny.

His thoughts led him to how humanity had changed since the middle of the last century.

“This is when the population, emissions, manufacturing and production started to increase exponentially,” he said.

So Greg stopped activities “that involve blowing smoke.”

Man in pink floral shirt sitting in garage giving a thumbs up with lots of solar and electric equipment behind him
Greg Flint will never recoup the cost of his massive solar installation, but he’s happy to be running the grid overnight.(

ABC Radio Darwin: Conor Byrne


Two wheelie bins, one with a red lid, the other with a yellow lid.  Both are covered with eco-friendly style stickers
Greg Flint is not afraid to show his love of the environment to passers-by.(

ABC Radio Darwin: Conor Byrne


He’s cut back on theft, his car is being converted to electric, the roof of his house in Anula is covered in solar panels while batteries and inverters dominate his garage.

“I am a net sink of carbon dioxide,” he said.

“Please keep your cat out of my trap”

A large butterfly perched on the fingers of an outstretched human hand.  Its left wing is the same length as the fingers.
Research on the atlas butterfly has led Greg Flint on a whole new path.(

Flickr: Resenter1


Greg is now 51 and connected with nature, inspired by learning about the fate of the rare atlas butterfly, Atlas of Attacus.

The giant butterfly and its habitat have all but disappeared from Darwin since Cyclone Tracy in 1974.

“I started to get involved with the Landcare group to [re-establish] this habitat, ”he said.

“It looks promising that the butterfly is about to return to live in Darwin.”

Greg walks 6 kilometers to volunteer with the Casuarina Coastal Reserve Landcare Group, where he primarily helps weed, replant and water the habitat with the goal of recreating a monsoon rainforest.

And, after the wildlife dwindled in his yard, he took control.

“For a while I wondered why, until I saw a cat running around the garden with a lizard coming out of its mouth,” he said.

“If you kindly ask people to ‘Please keep your cat out of my trap’ they seem to respond a little better.”

He also maintains a native fruit garden where he grows grass and encourages wildlife.

“I notice a lot more activity at night,” he said.

And the reward came one afternoon when he saw a prairie melomys nibbling.

The scenic, low, rocky cliffs of the Casuarina Coastal Reserve reflect the sunset at high tide
Greg Flint is one of the Landcare volunteers who works on rehabilitation projects in the Casuarina Coastal Reserve.(

Flickr: Geoff Whalan


Cruel irony

A DVD cover showing polaroid photos and the film title, Memento
Ironically, Greg Flint’s life has become similar to that of one of his favorite films, Memento.(

Ebay: lee5934


One of Greg’s favorite films is Christopher Nolan’s Memento, a 2000 film where the main character can’t form new memories and has short-term memory loss.

“It reminds me of myself. I have to leave little notes on things,” he said.

“In project management, you have to be organized so that everything moves.

“At work, it frustrated me that people trust their memory so much.

“And they never seem to be so bothered when they forget things.

“Fortunately, I already had this habit before all of this happened.

A big motorbike on its stand near a foggy beach
A BMW R100 Paris Dakar motorcycle similar to the one Greg rode until his accident.(

Flikr: Jarjan Fisher


The risks of driving

When asked if riding motorcycles is inherently dangerous, Greg was philosophical.

“Most people in Australia sit in a steel box when they move around,” he said.

“When they collide. They are not seriously injured.

“Anyone who is not in a steel box is affected.

“And the general level of conduct [skills] in WA and NT is quite low because there are relatively few cars on the roads. “

The driver at fault pleaded guilty to driving without diligence and was fined $ 300, plus a victim charge of $ 40 and costs of $ 184.

“I don’t think he intended to do it. It was an accident.”

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‘Titled’ Porsche driver doesn’t give in and knocks man off his motorcycle Wed, 09 Jun 2021 02:46:20 +0000

The “titled” Porsche driver does not give way, knocks the man off his motorbike before leaving

  • The incident was captured and then uploaded to the Bad Driving Australia YouTube page
  • A biker was lucky enough not to be cleaned by a luxury Porsche 4WD
  • Incredibly, the occupant of the Porsche then accelerates after chatting near prang

An authorized Porsche 4WD owner was caught on camera sticking out of the way and making an illegal U-turn in front of oncoming traffic – before narrowly avoiding a collision with a biker.

Misconduct Australia uploaded the footage on June 9, with Subiaco viewing in Western Australia.

The clip shows the rider in the right lane stopping at a crosswalk before advancing cautiously.

The rider (pictured right) was forced to take evasive action after the 4×4 (partially obscured) mishandled in Western Australia

The racer (pictured) quickly found himself out of his vehicle due to the suspicious conduct of the occupant of the Porsche

The racer (pictured) quickly found himself out of his vehicle due to the suspicious conduct of the occupant of the Porsche

The rider was stopped instantly when the 4×4 did not give way, then illegally crossed several lanes, almost causing a serious accident.

Forced to do evasive maneuvers, the rider can then be seen falling off his motorbike in the busy street, lucky to avoid a prang.

According to the biker, he was lucky not to be “flattened”.

“The Porsche made a U-turn on two (incoming) lanes of traffic as I was about to merge in front of the silver car,” he said on the popular You Tube page.

“He was kind enough to give me a sorry wave before he drove off.

It didn’t take long for people to comment on the video, with one saying the Porsche driver was “one of those special races who thinks the road is theirs.”

One second couldn’t believe that the occupant of the luxury SUV hadn’t stopped to see if the rider was injured, stating it was “very rude”.


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Motorcycle miner killed in head-on collision Tue, 08 Jun 2021 15:16:03 +0000

The student had borrowed the motorbike from a neighbor. [File, Standard]

A Form Two student died in Homa Bay on Monday, June 7 in a head-on collision involving a motorcycle he was riding and a sedan.

Eugene Ouko, 17, died instantly in the overnight crash at Pala market in Rachuonyo North sub-county.

Ouko, a student at Saint-Bernard co-ed secondary school in Otaro, was going to “buy yogurt” at a shopping mall in Kanyadhiang when the accident happened, his family said.

The teenager had borrowed the motorbike from his neighbor, a boda boda operator in the Pala area.

Eyewitnesses said The standard the vehicle and motorcycle were moving at high speed when they collided.

Kanjira Location chief Elly Obuya said the driver of the sedan was rushed to Wagwe health center.

“He (the driver) suffered chest injuries,” Obuya said.

The impact was so severe that the vehicle’s airbags inflated and the engine compartment was completely destroyed. The two wrecks were towed to the Kendu Boy police station.

The student’s body was taken to the mortuary at the Kendu Bay Adventist Mission Hospital.

Rachuonyo Northern Sub-County Police Commander Sarah Chumo warned residents against allowing minors to drive motorcycles or vehicles.

“Children are prohibited by law from driving vehicles or driving motorcycles. I warn residents against violating this law, ”she said.

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Over £ 130,000 raised for five orphaned girls in motorcycle crash Mon, 07 Jun 2021 21:32:00 +0000

Flowers were left at the scene of the collision that killed a mom and dad (Photo: PA / SWNS)

Donations for five orphan girls reached £ 130,000 after the tragic death of their motorcycling parents.

Mohammed Shahdab and his wife Sheikela Razaq, believed to be backpackers, were killed in a suspected hit-and-run accident in Birmingham Saturday.

The couple, both 39, left behind five daughters, locally named Aliyah, 17, Meme, 16, Mariah, 13, Aisha, 11 and Zhara, five.

A 47-year-old man was arrested near the scene on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and was released under investigation.

The section of Fox Hollies Road in Acocks Green, where the fatal collision occurred, has been called a “death trap” by locals.

Floral tributes had been placed at the foot of a lamppost and a tree.

One message read, “May you both rest in everlasting peace. A tragic end to your beautiful lives. Both of you are blessed.

Emergency services respond to fatal collision on Fox Hollies Road in Birmingham (Photo: SWNS)

Another said, “Although we are far away, we will keep you close to us in our thoughts and in our hearts. You will be missed but never forgotten.

“You have taken a place in our hearts. “

Mohammed’s cousin, Waqar Hussain, created a fundraising page to support the couple’s five daughters.

He wrote: “Both were a pillar of strength for their surviving family and were much loved, respected and honest human beings within the community.

“This is a tragic loss for our whole family and, unfortunately, Shadab and his wife leave five daughters between the ages of five and 17 orphaned because of this enormous tragedy.

“Losing a parent is tragic enough, but losing both at the same time is just heartbreaking and unimaginable.”

Over £ 131,000 had been raised at the time of writing.

Mohammed Shahdab and his wife Sheikela Razaq, both 39, died in a collision with a car while riding their motorbike in Acocks Green, Birmingham, leaving behind five orphaned daughters.

Floral tributes attached to a lamp post after Saturday’s crash in Birmingham (Photo: PA)
A message reads: “Although we are far away, we will keep you close to us in our thoughts and in our hearts” (Photo: SWNS)

Shocked witnesses to the crash have told how locals and paramedics tried to save the couple.

Saif Minhas, 47, father of four, said: “We heard a noise coming from the road and we ran out.

“I think the man was already dead, he was bleeding so profusely, but paramedics kept trying to revive the woman.

“It was quite traumatic to hear the collision and watch them die.”

Police said the circumstances of the crash remained unclear and urged all witnesses or anyone with information to contact them.

Officers previously said a blue Saab may have been involved, but left the scene.

The force said officers were reviewing CCTV but wanted more footage.

Contact our press team by sending us an email at

For more stories like this, see our news page.

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Motorcyclists caught for speeding | Wyndham Mon, 07 Jun 2021 01:32:54 +0000

By Alesha Capone

Two motorcyclists were charged on Sunday following a high-speed chase involving the police air wing.

Police first spotted two motorcycles on Princes Freeway, Little River at around 3:15 p.m.

They attempted to intercept the motorcycles, chasing them to Port Melbourne where a biker was arrested on Todd Road.

The Police Air Wing followed a second motorcycle which continued to travel at speeds of up to 200 km / h.

The motorcycle was followed to an address in Hampton, where it was driven to a garage.

Police arrested a man at the address shortly after.

Both motorcycles were impounded for 30 days at a cost of $ 1,242

An 18-year-old man from Hampton has been released and is expected to be charged on summons with dangerous driving while pursued, life-threatening driving, driving without a license and other traffic violations.

Another 18-year-old man from Hampton has been charged with 10 offenses, including dangerous driving while pursued, life-threatening driving, driving without a license and other traffic violations.

He was released on bail to appear in Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court on October 22.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or with dashcam footage is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or file a confidential report online at

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Motorbike enthusiasts flock to Wakefield Park for an exchange meeting | Goulburn Post Sun, 06 Jun 2021 06:30:00 +0000

news, local news,

If you needed to buy motorcycle parts, Wakefield Park was the place to be. The annual Motorcycle Only Swap Meet may have found a new home on the racing track, with many positive feedback from pit-holders. Goulburn Classic Riders Club president Bruce Tinsley said the Sunday June 6 event was still very successful despite a drop in numbers. READ ALSO: A word from mom: routine and silence are not always golden “Normally we would have around 250 booths, but after the fear of COVID-19 in town this week, we still managed to have 160 booths, ”Mr. Tinsley said. “People came from all over the country, including one from Western Australia. Wakefield Park went out of their way to accommodate us. “This could be our new spiritual home.” READ ALSO: Why Did It Take Another Outbreak For People To Get Vaccinated? The exchange meeting was for anyone with motorcycles. People could also get coins if they were looking to buy things. A group from Bungendore decided to attend to see what was on offer and said it was a good day. One of the exhibitors, Peter Dunster, really enjoyed the day. “We were selling tons of stuff,” Mr. Dunster said. READ ALSO: Why We All Have To Get The Hit: Expert Says “We mainly sold parts of British motorcycles from the 1920s to the 1970s.” Motorcycling has long been established in Goulburn. The first Australian Tourist Trophy was held in Goulburn in 1914, then 10 years later the first Australian Grand Prix also took place. Did you know that the Goulburn Post now offers last minute alerts and a weekly email newsletter? Stay up to date with all the local news: sign up below.



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Moto-taxis, the police are trying to outsmart in Guinea Sat, 05 Jun 2021 16:00:00 +0000

While drivers say they couldn’t make any money otherwise, police say this is an illegal and chaotic business that threatens road safety.

  • By Mouctar Bah / AFP, CONAKRY

Tensions are high these days in the streets of the Guinean capital, Conakry, where motorcycle taxi drivers and the police engage in a game of cat and mouse.

Two-wheeled taxis are essential for those who want to avoid the notorious traffic jams in Conakry.

Responding to the demand, many young men pledged their savings or borrowed heavily to buy motorcycles and trade informally.

Photo: AFP

Yet police say this rapidly spreading chaotic and illegal trade poses a threat to road safety and have launched a crackdown on it.

They have banned all motorcycle taxis from Kaloum – the most lucrative area, where ministries and other government buildings are located.

The decree, announced on May 5 and entered into force the next day, punishes violators with fines and even confiscation of the motorcycle itself.

Since then, motorcycle taxis and the police have tried to outsmart each other: two-wheeled drivers rush into Kaloum, pick up a passenger and run at full speed without being stopped.

It is not uncommon for things to turn physical, when the Conakry police, notorious for their brutality, grab a recalcitrant driver and handcuff him.

A journalist from Agence France-Presse last month saw a long line of young men outside the traffic police offices, waiting to retrieve their motorbikes after spitting out a fine of 200,000 Guinean francs ($ 20.39 US) – a huge sum in one of the poorest countries. country of the world.

Such punishment can have a crippling effect on young men who are already struggling with poverty and massive unemployment.

One taxi driver is Abdoul Karim Bah, a 27-year-old law graduate.

“My brother, who is a trader, supported me throughout my university studies. He bought me a motorbike and said, ‘Go on, find a way to fend for yourself, like all unemployed graduates your age,’ ”he said.

On average, driving a motorcycle taxi earns between 100,000 and 125,000 Guinean francs per month, but only a quarter or a fifth of this amount remains after the driver has paid the loan or rental of the bicycle, the fuel and other operating costs.

Motorcycle taxis are very popular with the public.

A Kaloum round trip on a two-wheeler doesn’t have to be cheap.

The price can be almost three times that of a four-wheeled taxi, assuming that the fare of the conventional vehicle is shared among a large number of passengers.

However, where motorcycles score is in terms of saving time – they can get in and out of traffic jams in Kaloum, located on a peninsula whose entrance is a bottleneck.

Police take a different view, saying informal motorcycle taxi drivers are a bane – and a bane too.

They “create chaos wherever they go,” said Issa Camara, captain of the traffic police. “They stop when they want and how they want – this is a real problem for traffic police and other road users.”

So far this year, more than 100 people have died across the country in crashes involving motorcycle taxis, a senior police official said.

Mamadou Bailo Tounkara, an official with the Ratoma District Motorcycle Taxi Drivers Association, said only a fraction of the city’s two-wheeled taxi companies are licensed.

“We have enormous problems managing and monitoring the spread of motorcycle taxis in Conakry,” he said.

“All those who have failed in life, all the unemployed graduates who have never learned to ride a motorcycle, have rushed into this endeavor. It can generate income, but it is extremely dangerous, ”he added.

Members of approved associations wear a numbered bib, the color of which indicates the neighborhood in which they are based – but even these professionals sometimes get into trouble with the law.

An administrative official from Kaloum said that the scale of the phenomenon, as well as the petty corruption, means that it is impossible to suppress it, “even if you put a policeman in the back of every motorcycle taxi”.

“I know it is forbidden, but there is no other work,” said driver Mamadou Bachir Diallo.

“There is a huge injustice,” he said. “There are police officers who have motorcycles and their children are riding there, and they are not arrested. “

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