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ORANGE could have a motorsport district at its entrance attracting visitors from all over Australia if a vision proposed by the Canobolas Motorcycle Club becomes a reality. The club is asking Orange City Council to back its proposal to take over the former harness racing club grounds at Perc Griffith Way, club member Chip Howitt, describing the facility as “out of this world” due of its suitability to the needs of his club. Mr. Howitt explained that since its inception in the 1950s, the Canobolas Motorcycle Club had held its meetings on private land, but that meant it couldn’t ask for any government help. He said an initial inspection of the former Highlands Paceway and its proximity to the track and the Orange karting club made it a logical place for the club, but added the contribution of the former international racer and club member Peter Gower, and Cowra Motorcross inspector John Langfield, stepped up the vision. “They took a look at the track and said it’s out of this world for motorcycling,” Mr. Howitt said. “Plus there are grandstands, clubhouse and washrooms… it’s not like we put a dingy old shipping container and hay there.” Mr Howitt said a sticking point for the club, which has around 160 active members, was that council-owned land had been identified in the Orange City Council’s draft local housing strategy plan, which sets Orange’s land inventories for growth through 2050. However, Orange City Council chief executive David Waddell said that while this document, which has been described as a living document, is on display, everything was possible. “During the show, Chip and the guys will develop their master plan for their future and then we will see what we can do in terms of housing without having major conflict,” Mr Waddell said, adding that the council had put the plot of land in the housing strategy to “survey the people”. “They have [the CMC] have expansion plans. The trotting track is a recreation area so the more people we get looking to use it then it will remain as a recreation area, “suggested Mr Waddell. We use it … while we are in show we are open to all approaches for training and education purposes Canobolas Motorcycling Club is affiliated with Motorcycling Australia and its circuits, although they are on private land, are licensed and maintained to standards. “If done right, it can be an asset to the city. It is at the city gates. It can be an asset that brings a huge advantage to the city.” Our reporters work hard to provide local news and update to the community. This is how you can continue to access our trusted content: GIVE YOUR OPINION Send a letter to the editor using the form below



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