Can I access an Infonavit credit?

As the name implies, Infonavit grants mortgage loans to workers who are affiliated with that institution.

If you work in a non-governmental company or business under an undefined time contract, you have the right to acquire work benefits. These are established by the Federal Labor Law and help improve your quality of life. To know if you have the right to access an Infonavit credit, you must have the following considerations.

Can I apply for an Infonavit loan?

When you have a job with work benefits and are incorporated into the IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute), you are automatically part of the right holders who have access to an Infonavit mortgage loan.

What is the mechanism to access an Infonavit loan?


An Infonavit mortgage loan works like this : when an employee covers the minimum prequalification requested by Infonavit, he is entitled to apply for a mortgage loan for various purposes (including buying a house). The amount will depend on the purpose of use, the points you have and the maximum discount that can be applied to your monthly salary.

To receive support, you must cover a certain prequalification that demonstrates that you can afford a mortgage loan.

A prequalification is a number provided to you to determine if you meet the requirements to access an Infonavit credit. This prequalification considers the following factors: your age and salary. Saving is taken into account in the Housing Sub-Account and the two-month period that you have continuously quoted on Infonavit. All are represented through the famous “Infonavit points”.

Infonavit loans are intended to offer all workers the opportunity to build wealth. No matter how new you are in the world of work. Since you have a social security record through your company you are already affiliated with Social Security. This gives you rights. But remember that your number must always be current.

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