Business Loans | Why invest my money in a business?

There are many ways to invest money and one of them is to invest in a business, company or project. When you make the decision to invest, you look for the path that best meets your need for investment based on the parameters return and money return .

Currently, to invest money in a business or company, you can go to the financial market of the Exchange and acquire part of the companies in the form of shares or you can also do it through Good Finance . There are platforms called crowdequity where investors invest directly in companies that carry out capital increases.

But there are also other types of platforms such as crowdlending platforms where investors lend invest in companies but in the form of loans, that is, private investors lend their money to companies which will return the loans month to month or at maturity.

Let’s look at it in more detail, let’s talk about the advantages this brings to investors.

Great advantages of investing my money in a business

Before deciding between these routes that we name you, you need to keep in mind the following tips before investing in companies:

Meaning of the money invested

This is one of the great advantages that many investors are attracted to. Investing money in a business or company gives meaning to your money for being destined for companies, and there are many other products such as bank deposits that become obsolete in this regard.

Contribution to the economy

If you invest in companies, you invest in the country’s economy. Financing companies with your savings can be very beneficial for the economy of the country since if you help increase their business and productivity, this will be reflected globally.

Also depending on the route you choose, the return on your investment can be very beneficial.

Entrepreneurship Promotion

Thanks to the different contributions of your funds in companies, you contribute and promote entrepreneurship and with it the development and growth of the business fabric.

Ways to invest money in a business

Ways to invest money in a business

We will mainly talk about two ways to invest money in a business:

  • Invest my money in a business or company within the stock market or stock market
  • Invest my money in a business through crowdequity platforms
  • Invest my money in a business on which a loan is granted through crowdlending

The 3 ways, coin all types of investors who seek to invest money in a business or company but with differences between both systems.

On the Stock Exchange, all investors seeking high profitability products with greater added risk are added.

  • In the bag all investors who seek high profitability products but with a greater added risk are added.
  • In crowdequity platforms many investors participate in the capital increase of different companies.
  • In crowdlending, the investor can invest in a loan that offers high profitability and measured risk, but with Mr. Jaggers, a safe product with negligible risk can also be acquired since these investments are guaranteed by Reciprocal Guarantee Societies ( SGR).

We talk more in detail about each one of them.

Invest my money in a business or company in the Stock Market

Investing money in the stock market is a task that requires a lot of attention and also knowledge to mitigate the risk involved. Keep in mind that when you invest in the stock market, you buy shares of companies so you become part of a percentage of it. This factor can be very positive or very negative at the same time. Therefore, always use common sense.

Many investors who enter this volatile market are not aware of the risk that investing in it entails, it is important that you do not blind yourself because of the attractive returns that, in many cases, generate the purchase of shares.

It may seem that investing money in a business or company of the hundreds of thousands that the Stock Market includes is simple, but not. It is very complex since the value of the shares you buy at any given time is constantly changing.

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