Bubble system to be put in place for Mandalika MotoGP: Organizers

So once runners and officials land, they will be separated from the community. They will be in a “bubble” and will only meet the other members of the committee

Jakarta (ANTARA) – A travel bubble will be in place for MotoGP Indonesia 2022, which will take place at Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, from March 18-20, 2022, organizers have announced.

Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA) Deputy Director Cahyadi Wanda said the travel bubble will be put in place to keep people safe and secure given the current pandemic situation.

The system will come into effect during the pre-season test from February 11-13, he informed.

“So once the riders and officials land, they’ll be separated from the community. They’ll be in a ‘bubble’ and only meet the other committee members,” Wanda said at a press conference here. Wednesday.

The arrival of drivers and officials will also be preceded by a PCR test, he said. They will also stay at their hotel until the PCR test results are released, he said. After that, new runners and officials will be allowed to conduct activities, he added.

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“However, that (the area where they can move) will be very limited, only hotels and the circuit. So they won’t be able to meet anyone except those in the ‘bubble’,” Wanda said.

To ensure the success of MotoGP, the MGPA also cooperates with the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI), he informed.

Motorcycle Sports Vice President Sadikin Aksa said that as part of the collaboration, IMI will prepare human resources (HR) to make the race a success.

“Senior members of IMI will also be deployed on the ground so that incidents like (the one we witnessed) at World Superbike (WSBK) do not happen again,” he informed.

“Our first task is how to help improve the rating of the circuit. So before the MotoGP series, the Mandalika circuit was already class A. The pre-season test from February 11 to 13 will also be used for training. marshals more ready for the race,” he added.

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Meanwhile, IMI General Chairman Bambang Soesatyo said the association will do its best to make the MotoGP event a success.

“Our goal: billions of people around the world witness the beauty of Mandalika. From there, we hope people will come to Indonesia. What is expected of MotoGP, Indonesian riders will be able to participate in (the premier class) in the future,” he said. added.

West Nusa Tenggara Regional Police earlier confirmed that security measures at the Mandalika Circuit will be adjusted during the 2022 MotoGP, which is expected to attract up to 100,000 spectators.

“Although the total number of spectators allowed has not yet been determined, we expect the number could reach 100,000, a significant increase from the previous World Superbike Championship which capped the maximum number of spectators (attendance) at 25,000,” West Nusa Tenggara Police Operational Bureau Chief Chief Commissioner Imam Thobroni said here Friday.

Given the expected number of spectators, adjustments will be made to security measures, he added, which will involve the deployment of additional officers and more security equipment.

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“At the last Superbike World Championship we deployed around 2,700 people. We can send up to 3,000 officers for the MotoGP race,” Thobroni said.

Additional helicopters, police boats and special sweeping equipment will be among the security equipment allocated to secure the race and the circuit against security threats, the chief steward added.

“We will prepare scanner vehicles to examine visitors’ belongings before they enter the circuit arena,” he said.

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