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Featured in the July 2022 issue of Roadracing World:

I remember a line from the 2004 documentary “The Persuaders,” a look at the rise of highly paid consultants who use technology to enhance the emotional appeals they use to sell everything from popcorn to presidents: “Everything works now. You know, the fries taste crispy. The coffee is hot. You know, the beer tastes good…”

For bikers, this is generally a great thing. Really shitty motorcycles are largely a thing of the past. Some bikes that cost less than $5,000 have inverted forks and ABS, and bikes with traction control, lean-angle sensitive ABS, and clutchless shifting can cost less than $6,000. For general street use and light Sunday morning hooliganism, close your eyes and point to a motorcycle showroom, and whatever you pick will probably do.

In this context, it is possible to add a few extra features or slightly better performance, or cut a few and offer a lower price, to try to attract customers. But Yamaha took a different approach for its XSR900 Sport Heritage series, realizing that styling costs nothing…

—Intro: 2022 Yamaha XSR900 Sport Heritage: More Style, by Michael Gougis

There isn’t much new to the 2022 XSR900 from a mechanical standpoint for those familiar with the latest MT-09 and Tracer 9 GT models. The vast majority of components are found on these two machines. What sets the bike apart is the style. Yamaha brought a design team to a warehouse in Japan where they store their old Grand Prix race bikes and let them ogle, touch and study these historic machines. Since the new XSR900 was going to have the same chassis, engine and tank as the MT-09, they looked for styling inspiration that would work with those components. What they found is visually stunning. Read the details in the latest issue of Road racing world!

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