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Featured in the September 2021 issue of Roadracing World:

“My wife Sandy has long supported my racing habits and recently told me that she was impressed that many years ago I was ordering Avon tires shipped from England for my old Kawasaki EX500. SIn a way, the grunt work of the race looks glamorous from the outside …

“I’ve always liked the Avon AM22 / AM23 tires, which was good because Avon made the only racing tires available for the Ninja’s 16-inch wheels. Recently, I decided to try out current Avon tires, namely a set of DOT-labeled Ultra Xtreme 3D racing radials… ”

Tried & tested: Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme Track & Race Radials», By Michel Gougis.

Pro racer Jeremy Toye and club racer Michael Gougis have been spending time on the track with Avon’s latest offering for amateur and amateur racers – the Ultra Xtreme 3D Radials. Incredible grip and impressive stability marked the performance envelope of the tires. Discover the new Avons in the latest issue of The world of road racing!

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OVERVIEW on September 2021 issue of Roadracing World!

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