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Featured in the May 2021 issue of Roadracing World:

“Complacency is the enemy of competition. While we won the opening round of the N2 / WERA National Endurance Series at Summit Point with an impressive lead, our post-mortem on lap times and pit strategy revealed areas where we could we improve the most. Unfortunately, this required making a new gas tank.

“Anthony Consorte had done the first so Tim Gooding took the ball by doing the second. This involved throwing in a new receiver for the double dry breaks in his backyard (almost causing the Great Washington, DC fire of 2020!) And hand-hammering aluminum foil on a hickory stump that we cut up. in the ground in our favorite hare scrambling zone. … ”

—Racing In The Time Of Covid, Part 2, by Sam Q. Fleming

The race is the pursuit of endless improvement, and Army of Darkness leaves no stone unturned in seeking better results, even if that means potentially burning down a city and investigating the mystical properties of Bold New Graphics. Learn more about the team’s 2020 racing seasonit’s in the last issue of Roadracing World!

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OVERVIEW on May 2021 issue of Roadracing World!

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