All Electric: Exro’s Coil Driver Prototype

Remember this new electric driver from Exro which boasted a 25% increase in energy efficiency?

Well, the brand has now released a set of test specs to prove those numbers weren’t just hot air.

This new technology is aimed at electric machines for more punch and maneuverability, with an electric motorcycle already presenting the driver at the end of 2021.

“…this bike…has an all new type of electric driver installed that will increase the horsepower and torque of any bike by 25% and 15% – and as far as the XP Zero spec goes, that means an upgrade on par with a Lotus Exige S.

So what were the test results?

PRNewswire tells us that the tests involved a dynamometer, or “dyno”, as well as Ansys software – defined as “the first simulation-based design tool that combines multi-physics simulation capabilities, to predict Coil Driver system performance for the ZF75-10 engine.”

*Note – results showed less than 4% change from simulation, and all testing was done at 100 volts and within the DC power limit to keep things above the proverbial table.*

Here is what the report contained:

System Peak power (kW) Maximum torque (Nm)
ZF75-10 Zero Base System 70.1 189
Results simulated with Exro Coil Driver 93.3 228
Dyno tested results with Exro Coil Driver 90 227

The results show 13% more speed, 15% more torque and 33% more power – big kudos to Exro Technologies, and Exro CEO Sue Ozdemir couldn’t be happier about it.

A view of Exro driver technology that increases electric vehicle efficiency by 25%

“Our work with Zero is a great demonstration of Exro’s expertise in electric powertrains and marks a major milestone on our path to becoming the leading power electronics supplier for the electric motorcycle market,” Ozdemir said.

“The results are further proof of Exro’s ability to improve the performance and efficiency of low voltage electric vehicle applications and reinforce the great confidence in the ability of our engineering and development teams to deliver superior technology. electric mobility markets. We have delivered on our technology commitments and are moving into the next phase of commercialization collaboration with Zero.

A view of Exro driver technology that increases electric vehicle efficiency by 25%

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*Media from TwitterJust Auto, Seeking Alpha and SEA Electric*

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