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Mauk, Elings Split Vintage Cup wins at Willow Springs

(April 28, 2021, Elora, Tennessee) Andrew Mauk and Jeff Elings clashed and the high winds of the Mojave Desert shared the victories in the final round of the 2021 American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) Vintage Cup .

The 500 Premier class, sponsored by Roadracing World (roadracingworld.com) and NYC Norton (nycnorton.com), was featured on day two of the 2021 Bridgestone Tires AHRMA National Historic Cup road racing series at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, Calif. April 24-25.

Andrew Mauk of Milwaukee Wisconsin, who topped the AHRMA event at Streets of Willow the previous weekend, repeated the feat on Saturday. His victory was in part due to Sunday’s race winner Jeff Elings of Santa Barbara, Calif., Who gave him a tour of the track.

Reflecting on his first visit to Willow Springs ‘big’ track, Mauk said, “This is one of my favorite tracks. I love to go fast and get technical at the same time and this trail has both.

Although 500 Premier is the featured class, it shares the track with other classes. It was a factor in Saturday’s race. Mauk explained, “The start went well, we got stuck behind some bigger bikes which tricked us a bit and had to sort things out between me and Jeff, but we got over them and we just had a hell of a boost. a race.”

“Jeff is really quick and knows this track really, very well, so he came out on top and I kind of followed him. It bothered me a bit when we ran into a yellow flag situation where we weren’t allowed to overtake the slower guys. Other than that I stayed hidden behind the bubble and stayed out of the wind so we could go down the straight as fast as possible, ”said Mauk.

“The start was better than the finish,” said Jeff Elings of Santa Barbara, Calif., Who finished second on Saturday in a 1958 Matchless G50. “I seemed to be having trouble with the spark plugs. or something near the end, but it was a good competition. ”

Elings has decades of racing experience in Willow Springs that he has not kept to himself. “I was trying to show Andrew the line because he’s there for the points and he’s a super nice guy so I took him around the Omega and we came to the back and I was showing him how you can hang on to gas until the last. turn and this is where we had problems with the other guys.

During Saturday’s race, Elings said, “We were in traffic with two other bikes trying to get into the Omega and it was pretty risky.”

Elings said his Matchless performed well until the end of Saturday’s race. In the paddock he showed a spark plug missing most of his wires. “It’s a double-grip head and the top of one came off.”

Sunday morning Elings said: “I told Andrew today that we either stay behind them and have our own race or we just walk away.

Ahead of Sunday’s race, Elings shared his thoughts on Mauk: “He said he actually wins Barber so I have crazy respect because I can’t even get tenth at Barber. (Today) I’ll try to beat him and maybe just show him around. He is excited about the track.

Mauk led Sunday’s race until Elings jumped halfway, then led up to the controllers.

Alan Siekman of Ben Lomond, Calif., Raced his Honda 450 replica Jimmy Odom, in third place on Saturday and Sunday. Commenting on Saturday’s race, Seikman said: “The bike handles really well, it feels good and has a lot of smooth power. He handled the wind pretty well. It pushed me a bit to the side as I approached the eighth turn. I think it might be because it has a full fairing.

“Andrew Mauk is a monster on this Honda, once again, and kudos to Jeff Elings for showing him a few lines on the ‘big’ Willow track which led to a great race all weekend,” said the NYC Norton Class Kenny Cummings Sponsor.

Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology publisher John Ulrich competed in the event on a 250cc two-stroke GP motorcycle. AHRMA’s road racing program offers several classes for vintage racing motorcycles and newer machines that are no longer competitive at the highest levels of racing, but still capable in a racing environment.

The 2021 Vintage Cup trophy will be awarded to the winner of the 500 Premier class at select events including Roebling Road, Heartland Motorsports Park, New Jersey Motorsports Park, Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca and Barber Motorsports Park. Race dates and event registration links are available at: ahrma.org/schedules-results.

Results of the race (Saturday April 24, 2021):

1. Andrew Mauk, 1969 Honda CB450, Milwaukee, WI

2. Jeff Elings, 1965 Matchless G50, Santa Barbara, California

3. Alan Siekman, 1966 Honda C450, Ben Lomond, CA

Race results (Sunday April 25, 2021):

1. Jeff Elings, 1965 Matchless G50, Santa Barbara, California

2. Andrew Mauk, Honda CB450 1969, Milwaukee, WI

3. Alan Siekman, 1966 Honda C450, Ben Lomond, CA


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