A rugged, low-profile motorcycle designed for purists looking for “Need for Speed”

James Qiu surprised us and gearheads everywhere with his Akira Bike Concept, and another one of his concept creations is ready to send the ripples a long way. Check out the R9T UE5 concept that deserves an actual avatar, a piece of screen time in a sci-fi movie, or a cameo in a gripping action series.

This beefy bike is an amalgamation of a shiny cafe racer, a hard-hitting cruiser, a circuit-racing beast and a mean machine destined to eclipse everything bad on the planet. A race that will be the right kind of opponent for the divine laurels of a crime-fighting protagonist. Those chunky wheels complement the bike’s all-metal body – isn’t that totally badass?

Creator: James Qiu

Still, he’s nimble enough to make sharp turns or accelerate to blistering speeds when chased by a gang of crawling baddies. The low wheelbase gives the bike dominant grip on asphalt for supreme traction and maximum acceleration from a standing position. The riding position will be more leaned forward thanks to its racing characteristics, and for once a concept bike has a super comfortable saddle.

There’s an equally beefy engine protruding from the sides, which is a clear indicator of its gasoline-powered origins. The hydraulic forks linked to the huge front rim are something you will keep looking at and never get enough of. Equally impressive and robust is the rear swingarm and meticulously crafted exhausts. The headlights and taillights have an ultra-square look that adds to the concept bike’s defiant personality.

Overall, the stellar build quality, balanced proportions and skin of the bike combine to make for a winning design that could one day become a reality. I’m sure car designers and major brands will lay their eyes on the R9T UE5 and be impressed.

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