80-year-old grandfather grants a unique birthday wish

A DAREDEVIL celebrated a milestone birthday by pulling off a spooky stunt he’s always dreamed of.

Peter Beechey’s family helped fulfill his birthday wish of doing a wheelie on a motorcycle track on Saturday, September 24.

Mr Beechey currently lives in Shrawley but has spent most of his life on Hallow Road.

His family was delighted to be able to help him achieve this goal.

Mr Beechey’s daughter, Nicky Beechey, who lives in Barbourne, said: “It was nice to see my dad doing what he wanted for his birthday.

“Months before my sister Nita and I had thrown a surprise party and visit to where he was on the day which was great as the family came from West Wales and Cornwall to be there.

“He had told us before that he didn’t want any gifts, but if we wanted to get him anything he would like a day of bike riding.

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“The whole family has contributed – he has two daughters, three grandsons, two nephews, a sister and their respective partners.

“I had to do it with wheelie school because I didn’t know if his age would prevent him from doing it.

“They were initially concerned as I imagine not all octogenarians are as capable as he is and but after discussing him on a motorbike all his life and even still going on bike rides around Scotland and Europe when he could , they said okay.

“During and after last Saturday’s experience, he was buzzing with joy and loved it so much he wants to go back soon.

“Might have to wait for his Christmas present now.

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“He wanted me to try too, but I wanted it to be about him and not me, so I decided against it this time around.

“I had originally booked wheelie day for 10/9/22 but it was postponed due to the death of the Queen as the airfield was closed due to national mourning.

“Instead, on the day originally booked, my dad and I went out for a 50-mile ride on our motorbikes, which we do from time to time when I have time.”

The adventurous father and daughter couple also flew in for a flying lesson, a 50th birthday present from Miss Beechey.

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