5 sport bikes we’d love to throw a leg on (5 to avoid)


In recent times we have witnessed incredible achievements in motorcycle technology, safety and overall performance, especially when it comes to sports motorcycles. With every bicycle produced over the past two decades, this technology has been refined and refined for public consumption.

While it is certainly best to avoid motorcycles, in their own way these machines have contributed to the overall progress and development of all modern motorcycles. While viewed as failures, they’re still hard to ignore, machines you might want to experiment with to figure out anyway. These are the 5 bikes that we would like to throw a leg on, and the 5 that we think are best avoided for different reasons.

Throwing one leg over: Ducati 916

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Often considered the most beautiful bike of all time, it is also one of the most exciting bikes to ride, on the track it was dominant and on the streets a legend.

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This is one of the best motorcycles ever made, not to mention the best Ducatis. Although popular, their latest bikes have achieved an unenviable record of reliability which detracts from their overall capacity.

Avoid: Honda CBR500R

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The antithesis of the Ducati has to be this rather lukewarm effort from Honda. It’s an unusually heavy beginner’s bike, packed with modern features that make it safer, but slow.

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Sadly, it’s about as exciting as the average washing machine, with Honda pulling off what many thought was impossible; make a boring motorcycle.

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Throw a leg on: MV Agusta F4 1000R

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Much like its other Italian counterparts, it is in a fairly high tuned condition and rather exclusive components are bolted on. While they might not be the easiest or cheapest bikes to ride, they do move the soul.

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It’s a machine that can even make you smile without moving an inch, it really needs to be ridden. When you realize that the same guy designed the 916, it all starts to make sense.

Avoid: Suzuki Hayabusa

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It’s been around for a while, but it’s still one of the fastest production motorcycles. It’s kind of a larger-than-life machine. While this is still an affordable machine, even more affordable in the used and abuse market, we would prefer to avoid this one.

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It’s planted and arguably pretty safe at highway speeds, but if you dare to venture into a city, it’ll cook you alive and the size of a small bus with similar levels of maneuverability.

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Throwing one leg over: Aprilia Tuono V4 X

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It is clear that the dominant theme of this machine is more lightness. Even the small fairing is carbon fiber to save weight. This special edition also benefits from a titanium exhaust and high flow air filter used by the MotoGP team, which also optimizes the tuning.

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While not cheap, it is still a good deal compared to other Italian machines and arguably has beaten them in every way.

To avoid: Honda CBR900RR

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It is undeniably one of the most revolutionary motorcycles of its time, it weighed up to 600 and was faster than most liter motorcycles in the early 90s. It is also one of the most dangerous, because it was manufactured at a time before ABS was relevant to the motorcycle industry.

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He really needs an experienced rider, a lot of novices who have tried to tame this beast have come close (literally). It’s not even that quick by today’s standards, but it will struggle to grip in most gears, and now that it’s a classic, breaking a fender will ruin the value of the bike. .

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Throw One Leg Over: Suzuki GSX-R1000

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The Gixxers hit their peak in the mid-2000s, with emissions really choking new liter bikes. This K5 generation bike is considered one of the best sports bikes of all time and unlike most bikes in this conversation, it’s still an accessible machine.

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It might be accessible, but it’s by no means the slowest. In good condition (not necessarily modified) it will beat modern sports bikes around a track.

Avoid: Buell S1 Lightning

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Although it was a really fun machine, they fell far short of their Japanese and Italian rivals in terms of performance. It was by far the fastest Harley motor bike when it was in production, which didn’t exactly matter as it only had a top speed of 120 mph.

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Not exactly on par with the sport bikes of this era, now it just looks clunky and heavy (although it does look cool).

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Throw a leg on: Ducati Superleggera V4

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It is a real homologation bike for the modern hobbyist, the big winglets that protrude from the sides and more carbon fiber than some supercars.

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It’s simply impossible to ignore, equipped to take on any other bike on any track with over 200 horsepower and all of the latest track-oriented technology. Buying one will cost you 6 figures, however … if you can even reserve one of the 500.

Avoid: BMW K1

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It’s possible that the K1 is the most ’90s-like bike in the world, and that’s no compliment. Questionable appearances aside, it achieved what BMW wanted, something that could safely go over 100 mph on the highway for an extended period of time.

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The main issue with the bike was how awful it was (much like the Busa) in traffic. Most sports bikes are terrible when you go slow, the K1 just took it one step further. It weighed over 600 pounds, blew hot air over the rider, and then if you had to turn around for some reason you would need three lanes to turn around.

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