5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Electric Motorcycles Just Yet

Listen to this? The faint hum of tires on asphalt and a purring belt is the unassuming sound of the electric revolution in motorcycling, and it’s picking up speed.

Yes, get ready, because we are about to touch on a topic that never fails to cause debate in cycling circles. Sure, some people love their electric motorcycles. But for those who grew up on a diet of Castrol and smoke two-strokes, the prospect of a motorcycle powered by a quiet engine is sacrilege.

But what if there is a middle ground? A world where we still love internal combustion engines, but also recognize that electric motorcycles aren’t just the future, but are also damn smart in the present.

To see if we can find that happy medium, below are five reasons why you might not want to give up electric motorcycles just yet.

1 – Electric motorcycles are really fun to ride

Zero SR/S Electric Bike

Let’s start with the most important point. Riding a motorcycle is a choice driven by our hearts rather than our minds, and our bikes need to be able to tap into that passion.

To put it simply, the two wheels beneath us must appeal directly to our souls. If it’s not fun, then we’re not interested.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of e-bikes when it comes to putting on miles and miles of exhilarating riding. Just look at the power stats.

For example, the Zero SR/S, the electric carmaker’s fully faired sports tourer, delivers 110bhp and an impressive 190Nm of torque, available almost instantly with a simple twist of the wrist (to put that in context, the Ducati Multistrada V4 powered by a rocket is 125Nm).

That’s enough to put a very wide smile on your face around corners and leave just about every other road vehicle in your mirrors as you pull away from the lights.

2 – Long-distance travel is not excluded

curt langan around the uk

For adventurous riders exploring the world on two wheels, the limited range a fully charged e-bike can offer is likely to be a key sticking point. But as Curt Langan, pictured above, has proven, this limited range doesn’t mean the end of long-distance travel.

Curt took an epic 5,000 mile, 21 day journey across the UK astride his Zero S, recharging his battery throughout the day and during his overnight stops.

Of course, the experience was a little different than the mileage you would get from a 30-liter touring tank, and he had to factor in more “fill-ups” during his days on the road.

But, if you like to stop for a bite to eat and have a coffee on your tour (and who doesn’t?), then the electric tour is definitely on point. Learn more about Curt’s journey here.

3 – Technology is improving and will only improve

electric motorcycle technology

When the first gasoline-powered car passed a farmer sitting on a horse and cart in the late 19th century, I’m sure the puzzled farmer laughed to himself, patted his horse, and thought, ” They will never understand…’

Humans have a knack for solving problems, and history is littered with innovations that have changed the world as we know it. And, as the deadline for banning the sale of new thermal engines approaches (2030 for petrol and diesel cars in the United Kingdom, 2035 for hybrid vehicles), research and development have intensified considerably.

Battery technology, range and charging times are improving year on year, and more and more manufacturers are adding their own electric motorcycles to the market. The batteries are replaceable down the line, so existing e-bike owners should not miss out.

Zero’s electric motorcycles even connect to its Cypher III+ mobile app, which can be used to change everything from the power and torque your bike produces to traction control, and even project directions onto your dashboard.

4 – One could be your next greenlaning machine

greenlaning electric bike

If you love nothing more than sinking a set of knobby tires into dirt and gravel on the weekends while greenlaning, then an electric trail bike might be for you.

The quiet motor won’t disturb the peace (or attract unwanted attention from local residents) and will still deliver plenty of thrills in tough conditions.

If you’re riding trails near your home or putting a bike in a van to get to a trailhead, low range won’t be an issue.

And with bikes like the Zero FX delivering a punchy ride weighing just 112kg, on paper they seem perfectly suited for life in the harsh conditions.

5 – Owning one is kind to your wallet

electric motorcycles

Filling a Zero’s ‘tank’ costs less than £2 in electricity, and it’s even less if you plug into one of the free charging points dotted around the UK.

Add to that a maintenance-free belt drive and super low running costs (there’s no engine oil to replace or valve clearance to check for a start), and your bank balance starts to look a whole lot better. healthy.

Oh, and don’t forget the exemption from various vehicle emissions taxes and clean air taxes. Commuting or weekend trips have never been so easy on the wallet.

Zero electric motorcycles

So there you have it, five reasons why you might not want to give up electric motorcycles just yet. But don’t believe me, book a test drive for yourself and see how much fun an e-bike can be.

Find out more on the Zero website today.

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