5 Reasons We Love The New Yamaha R7 (5 Reasons We Would Rather Have The Old One)

Since the launch of the R7, it has captured the imaginations of many aspiring pilots looking for a more affordable entry point.

Unlike most other mid-weight parallel-twin sports bikes on the market, the riding position is unusually aggressive for the segment, much closer to that of the outgoing R6 than many would have imagined. Most modern middleweights offer riders a more balanced riding position, looking for sales they choose to offer a more comfortable rider triangle.

This is not the case for the R7, it targets track enthusiasts or potential buyers who they might lose by removing the venerable R6 from their lineup. It’s a real little sports bike with a smaller / less powerful engine, so we can’t help but draw comparisons to the older ’90s R7 it shares a name with, although we really shouldn’t. .

New: Versatile parallel twin


via yamaha

Yamaha really went to extremes with the development of this little parallel twin engine, we don’t think even they expected to put it in every type of motorcycle imaginable.


Rider’s magazine

First breaking cover about 5 years ago, the mill has made its way into a bare bike, cafe racer, adventure bike, touring bike and now a mid-weight sports bike.

Old: Scream in line 4

yamaha r7

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The R7 was the last true 750cc class sports bike that Yamaha would develop, its inline 4 cylinder engine was capable of spinning up to 14,000 rpm and was capable of producing an impressive 160 horsepower.


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Unfortunately for Yamaha, this homologation investment didn’t really pay off, motorcycles became notoriously unreliable on the track. With all that power at such high revs, engine failures were too frequent.

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New: Racing roots

Yamaha YZF-R7

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What’s in a name? Well, it looks like Yamaha intentionally wanted to direct our thoughts to the ’90s race-bred R7, hanging on to its PR characteristics of sorts.

Via: Yamahamotorsports

It’s also a continuation of the R6 design theme (above). Watching the two side by side will help you see how similar they are, and it’s clear that Yamaha doesn’t want to lose those roots that have been in development for so many years now.

Old: Designed for racing


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Designed from the start for racing, the original R7 was pure special homologation that was produced in very limited numbers and was never really designed to be a track machine.


Its racing intentions were made clear by the fact that the bikes they shipped to customers didn’t even come with their mirrors or turn signals attached. As such, the bikes that made it to North America were technically not even legal on the road.

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New: Typical Yamaha Style

yamaha r7 track2

Robb Report

It may seem underpowered on paper, comparing it to just about any bike designed for track use won’t turn out to be favorable. However, the CP2 engine just makes its power in such a way that the bike is still a lot of fun to ride.


Indian cars

It is a very torquey engine, even when tuned for the sportbike most of its power is available throughout the rev range. This means it will ride like any liter bike and make them beat every time.

Elder: All power

1999 Yamaha YZF R7

Via: Youtube

Being a racing bike, it produced its full power at the top of the rev range, if the second bank of injectors was activated, the power figure increased from around 130 horsepower to 160 horsepower.

Yamaha r7

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The power of such a small engine at high revs made it a handful to ride, its power became so dramatic that riders compare these bikes to two-stroke racing bikes of the 90s.

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New: Economy track bike

Yamaha r7

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With an aggressive riding position, compact design and improved forks, the new R7 is a more than capable tracked machine. This is the kind of bike you can live with as well, so it’s a realistic expectation to be able to ride the bike on a track and do track days.

A rider on a 2022 Yamaha YZF-R7.

Via: Yamaha

If you want to race the general lack of power will make the R7 uncompetitive, but if it’s for your personal enjoyment then it’s a budget track machine, especially if you factor in running costs. lower.

Old: limited edition

via auctions of iconic motorcycles

With only 500 (approx) made, so many crashes and losses, these bikes are becoming extremely rare and valuable.

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$ 30,000 for bikes in reasonable condition is a good deal, because these bikes will become much more expensive in the near future. However, it will also become quite difficult to keep them in decent condition if you are going to use them for their intended purpose.

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New: Sports bike for the street


Ultimate motorcycle

It won’t be comfortable, but no sportbike is. It will, however, be reliable and give you daily kicks if you choose to use it regularly without worrying about it blowing you up.


Top speed

Thanks to the aggressive nature of the machine and the torquey nature of the motor, this bike will provide as much (if not more) fun than any liter bike within legal limits.

Old: Street bike for the track

Yamaha r7


Technically, Yamaha sold it as a production bike, but in reality they only made enough of it for it to be homologated and used for racing.



It’s a real trail bike and frankly it doesn’t perform well on the road at all. He’s determined and will require incredible skills to get the most out of him, but that’s part of the appeal.

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