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Roadracing World Publishing is now requesting schedule and photo submissions from track day organizers and riding school operators for the 2022 season to put in Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology magazine and the annual edition of the 2022 Roadracing World Trackday Directory.

What is the World road racing directory? Check it out HERE.

All schedule submissions must include: the name of your school or track day organization, your schedule (including exact dates, correct track names and locations, and the layout of the track used that day , if applicable) and full contact details for consumers.

The submitted schedules will be published in the Calendar section of Road racing world magazine and the Events Calendar section of Roadracingworld.com as soon as possible after receipt.

So that the organizations and schedules of track days and schools are listed in The world of road racing Track day 2022 Phone book annual edition, however, we need your calendar and the following information by February 1, 2022:

Name of the Trackday school or organization:

Physical or postal address (address, city, state abbreviation, postal code):

Phone number:

FAX number (optional):

Website Address:

E-mail address:

(Choose an answer for each question)

1. Events organized in the rain or the sun: yes or no

2. Coolant: Antifreeze OK or no antifreeze allowed

3. Headlight and tail light: stick or disconnect or stick and disconnect

4. Mirrors and signals: stick or remove

5. License plate: OK or Delete

6. Safety thread: some required or none required

7. Side stand: OK or Delete

8. The minimum age to participate is:?

Please email information and / or updates to the Trackday schedule / calendar and directory to [email protected].

Even if your 2022 schedule is not finalized, please respond to us and send all the information you can so that you are not excluded from the annual Trackday Directory. Provisional timetables or dates indicated as provisional are authorized.

There is no cost to be registered in Track days directory of the road racing world annual edition, but we cannot publish your information if we do not receive it on time. Therefore, late or incomplete submissions may not be published.

Again, the submission deadline is February 1, 2022.

If you have already submitted your schedule for inclusion in the Calendar section of World of road racing and motorcycle technology, Great! But this is not enough information for an entry in the Trackday Directory. Please submit the information requested above for inclusion in the annual report World road racing directory or give us a call to make minor updates to the information we posted in the Trackday Directory 2021.

If you have any doubts about what you have or have not sent or whether it has been received, please contact us.

As always, we are also asking trackday organizers and school operators to submit digital photos of their events and groups in action – on and off the track – for possible publication in the Trackday Directory 2022. This is great. way to publicize your events and spotlight some of your members at no cost to you, but we need you to help us help you.

Digital photos should be crisp, free of watermarks or graphics, and high resolution, which means a minimum of 300 dpi / ppi or 3000 pixels wide at 3 inches. The best way to submit these photos is to use a file transfer program like Google Drive, Hightail, or Dropbox, which can be downloaded and used for free on a limited basis. Sending photos in small batches also works.

Photos should be accompanied by information to be used in writing a caption. This includes the name of the runway and information to credit the photographer etc. By submitting a photo or photos, you certify that you own the submitted material and that you authorize us (Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.) to publish it in Road racing world magazine and / or post it on Roadracingworld.com, without paying yourself (or anyone else) any money.

For more information, send an email [email protected] or call (909) 654-4779.


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