2021 Adelanto Grand Prix results


Jean Turner | June 3, 2021

Former Adelanto King Ty Davis has taken it upon himself to resurrect the famous Adelanto Grand Prix for 2021, and although it is no longer part of any major off-road series, promoting a stand-alone event turned out to be a big challenge. Still, Davis managed to pull it off, offering three days of racing for everything from two-wheelers to four (and even three!) Over Memorial Day weekend.

Fasthouse Kawasaki rider Trevor Stewart swept through all three professional races to win the King of Adelanto crown.

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The motorcycles went to the Adelanto stadium and the surrounding Grand Prix course on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 May. The Pros attended a three-race format over the two days, and it was Trevor Stewart who won all three outings to claim Adelanto’s Crown King title. In the women’s Pro event, Laci Olivas took the victory to become the queen of Adelanto.

“It was definitely a good day to be a motorcycle racer,” said Trevor Stewart after completing the sweep on Saturday afternoon. “Obviously, with yesterday’s driving, I knew what to expect today. I wanted to get off to a good start and go early and go on a cruise. I was a bit dejected after yesterday. We did two gnarled 45 minute sprints. So I’m a little tired, but I knew what I had to do today, obviously, to win all three of them.

Fasthouse Kawasaki rider finished ahead of Purvines Yamaha rider Tyler Lynn and last minute entry Sean Collier. Lynn did all he could to keep Stewart in his sights, but ultimately had to settle for second place. “I stayed with him for a bit for maybe the first round and a half, but he just left me after that,” Lynn said of Stewart. “Happy to have been able to go out. Ty Davis put on a big event.

Tyler Dunn of Purvines Yamaha won second place overall.
Sean Collier made the last minute decision to race Adelanto, riding this 2008 Honda CRF450X to a hard-earned third place.

There was a lot of back and forth in the 250 Pro class, and after a somewhat difficult race, and after Robby Schott retired due to mechanical issues, Thomas Dunn of Purvines Yamaha managed to win the victory.

“I got off to a good start behind Robby, he was riding really well,” said Dunn. “I was just trying to be fluid and pick my lines but tucked the front wheel in to the back [and crashed] he therefore returned to third place and had to catch up for the remainder of the race. I ended up falling again, but just tried to pass and roll as well as I could.

250 Pro winner Thomas Dunn had his work cut out for him, but ultimately took the win.
Adelanto queen Laci Olivas tackles the indoor endurocross section.

The Mini Futures class had the rare opportunity to race alongside the Pros on Saturday, competing the same course with the same endurocross obstacles on the famous infield section of the Adelanto GP. The 85-112cc racers tackled the wood and log pit crossings alongside the Open Pro, 250 Pro and Women Pro racers, and have proven they can hold up. “These kids are going fast,” Ty Davis said. “There are eight or ten that are pretty damn fast at the Big 6 and the WORCS. And I thought it would be cool to have them run with the pros because it just gives them that credibility. These children are our future. In two years, they will be on 125. So, I just wanted to give them real legitimacy. And the kids loved it. “

The event as a whole was an uphill battle for promoter and race director Ty Davis, who may have suddenly remembered why he hadn’t promoted an event in over 20 years. But he’s already talking about plans for Adelanto’s GP in 2022, and this time he’s aiming for January.

Running is a family affair. Just ask the Sean Collier clan.

“The last race I did was during the Montclair Yamaha days and we did it right down the street in Racetown, we just did a grand prix,” said Davis. “Something this big was a little more than I imagined with the job and getting everything in place. Since there were a little less registrations on Fridays, it allowed me to do some errors and correct them [laughs]. If it was a big event the first time around, first round, I would have gotten into trouble here and there. But it went well. I think the course went well.CN

2021 Adelanto Grand Prix results

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