1953 Royal Enfield Meteor 700 compared side by side with the new Meteor 350 in video


Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world to remain in continuous production. The company announced the launch of the Meteor 350 in November 2020 in India, and the bike is exported to a number of international markets where it has become quite a popular model. Today, British company Hitchcock Motorcycles compared the original 1953 Royal Enfield Meteor 700 to the new Meteor 350, highlighting the evolution of motorcycle technology.

The two bikes are decades apart and the use of different technologies is evident in the two bikes. The original model receives a polychrome copper beach paint which was considered an innovation for the time. The iconic round headlight as well as a single pod instrument console on the old Meteor are also not to be missed. These elements are also found on existing Royal Enfield bikes. There is a winged “Royal Enfield” brand logo on the motorcycle’s tank which also sports plastic grips. The two-seat configuration has a spring for added comfort.

The bike is equipped with spoked wheels since alloys were not available at the time. Other notable features of the old Meteor include its familiar straight tailpipe design which is still quite common on Royal Enfield bikes. The low handlebars, mid-height foot, and spring loaded seats seem to give the bike a fairly comfortable riding position.

In comparison, the new Meteor 350 features a completely modern design language. There are alloy rims, a semi-digital instrument panel with Bluetooth connectivity, a single-cylinder powertrain with counterweight and unique overhead camshaft technology.


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