11 automobile museums in Europe


As it is no longer a question of celebrating the product, the car-object, the trend concept is to create extended experience platforms more than the usual museums, where the present of the automobile is combined with its past. and the opportunity is given to learn more about its future. Sometimes they are integrated into a brand’s headquarters or final delivery center, as is the case with BMW or Volkswagen; sometimes production plants themselves become the attraction, as at Ferrari in Maranello; sometimes instead, they are both spatial artefacts and tales of eras and entire worlds, like the Mauto in Turin.
The role of spaces and interfaces has also evolved: no longer from a simple container to content, what was a more or less luxurious static garage had already metamorphosed into representative institutional architectures, then into sculptural symbols of specific brands, to finally land in the contemporary dimension of the multiprofessional platform, often acting as an active component of all cultural networks or territorial systems.
Europe is actually punctuated with such places, so Domus wants to try and take you on a virtual road trip across the continent featuring as relevant and diverse a selection as possible of all the ways we interact with our century-old dimension of individual mobility. .


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