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Fujinami wins first TrialGP in five years in Italy

The opening round took place from June 12 over two days, in Tolmezzo, in northeastern Italy. Bou had undergone surgery a month earlier due to a fractured fibula in his left leg, and although he arrived in time for the season opener, he was not 100 per cent due to lack of training. On day one, Bou erased any doubts about his fitness as he edged out rival Adam Raga (TRRS) in the first lap. Although he tried his best, Raga couldn’t quite catch Bou who won on day one.

Fujinami, seventh the day before, shone on Day 2. After finishing the first lap in third place with 18 points, the Japanese rider only lost four on Lap 2, winning the heat with eight points. advance on Bou. Even Fujinami was surprised, as the 41-year-old driver became the oldest driver to win the world championship.

Bou continues to set new World Trials Championship records

Round 2 took place on the Charade circuit in France. The wet and slippery conditions plagued the riders, but Bou adapted well. Despite picking up three five points in round one, Bou improved his game in round 2 adding just one more point to earn his 120th World Championship try by a comfortable 20 point margin. Fujinami crashed on lap one, but rode hard the next lap to finish fourth.

Round 3 in Andorra was contested over two days. On Day 1, Bou battled with Raga to finish on the same points. Bou was quicker, giving him his third win of the season by just one point. Day 2 was difficult for Bou, but he still managed to finish on the podium in third place. Raga won the day and closed in on Bou’s championship lead, but the gap was still eight points.

After the difficult period in Andorra, the team entered the fourth leg, Cahors in France, with a new configuration. Bou picked up just three points over the two laps to take the win, praising the team for their hard work after Andorra to set up the perfect bike and acknowledging the team for their win. Fujinami struggled more, finishing the first lap last, but on the second was able to pull back, eventually finishing fifth with the same score as the fourth-placed driver, but only thirty seconds behind.

In Round 5 which took place over two days in Spain, Toni Bou dominated on Day 1. Jaime Busto (Vertigo) posed a serious threat, but Bou won, extending his standings lead over Raga to 19 points.

Toni Bou wins 15th straight league title

On September 15, just before round six, in Portugal, the trials world learned that Fujinami would be ending his 26-year trials career in Portugal. Three days later, Fujinami gave his best in each section to finish seventh. His final ranking was a better than the previous season, ending 2021 and his career in sixth place overall.

With another championship in sight, Bou took another convincing victory as he only needed to finish the race to win 2021. With seven wins from nine races, Bou again dominated the season to claim his 15th title consecutive world champion.

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